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  • Getting Around Volatile Organic Compounds with Aqueous Cleaning Products
    Before we look at ways to avoid or eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC†TMs), we should take a minute and define what VOC†TMs are. VOCs are basically chemicals that contain carbon and evaporate at room temperature and pressure. The term includes all sorts of common solvents (e.g. mineral
  • Storage of Capacitors
    Storing aluminum electrolytic capacitors at high temperatures or in direct sunlight will cause the electrolyte within the capacitor to evaporate through the rubber end seals. The loss of electrolyte through accelerated evaporation causes the capacitance to decrease and increases in the dissipation
  • How to Select a Pump for Rotary Evaporation
    Evaporation is one of the most common tasks performed in a chemistry laboratory. But, how do you go about selecting the correct vacuum pump for your rotary evaporator? Or, if you already have a vacuum pump, how do you know whether it is well-suited for this application? This is important due
  • Cellulosics
    have low specific heat and low thermal conductivity -- characteristics that give them a pleasant feel. Dimensional stability of butyrate, propionate, and ethyl cellulose is excellent. Plasticizers used in these materials do not evaporate significantly and are virtually
  • Medical Device Link .
    this powerful approach of simultaneous modeling and experimentation. The large surface-to-volume ratio that is characteristic of microdevices frequently leads to unexpected process behavior. For example, microvolumes of physiological fluids evaporate, cool, and heat extremely rapidly. Modeling often
  • Medical Device Link .
    be produced. During the thermal drying process, the solvents in the adhesive or coating evaporate. Unless they are recovered, these vapors from the solvents can create what amounts to toxic air pollution. In contrast to heat-cured materials, substances that cross-link in the presence of ultraviolet (UV
  • Lubricants For Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
    molecules are prone to evaporate more readily. Additional distillation removes lighter weight materials. Though the original volume of the fluid decreases, the range of molecular weights narrows, reducing the likelihood of evaporation. Automated assembly methods have created a conundrum
  • SMB Takes On Paclitaxel Purification
    studies led to modifications in the amount of stationary phase packed in the SMB columns, along with solvent composition, loading concentration, feed and take-off rates. The SMB process is controlled through real-time, near-line, fast HPLC analysis of the extract and raffinate evaporate streams

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