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  • Image Based Auto Trigger (.pdf)
    Image-Based Auto-Trigger is an innovative feature that allows the user to trigger the camera from the motion detected in the live image. The camera may also provide an external trigger signal based on the Image-Based Auto-Trigger to be used for synchronizing multiple Phantom cameras.
  • Precise Triggering of External Events Based on Axis Position (.pdf)
    An axis-based trigger in the controller can significantly improve part quality, reduce cycle time, and eliminate processing problems. This article discusses Aerotech's unique PSO (Position Synchronized Output) option, and how any application that requires precise data acquisition or process action
  • Synchronizing when speed counts
    with each tick of the servoclock. to perform a compare function, the processor writes the desire position into the compare register. When the position counter matches the compare register, the compare output triggers. For the capture function, an external trigger transfers the current value
  • Continuous Recording Feature (.pdf)
    The Continuous Recording feature can be used to save cines stored in a Phantom camera's memory buffer to an external storage device, or in the Phantom Control Unit computer automatically. Continuous Recording can be used to record cine files automatically without any user intervention by providing
  • Sensor Sense: Inductive sensors and resistance welding
    triggering. Air-core coils wound on plastic spools reduce the coil's sensitivity to external magnetic fields. Low-permeability cores also reduce interference from outside magnetic forces while helping concentrate and direct the coil's own magnetic field. An internal time-delay circuit between
  • Software pushes engineering information almost everywhere
    . Unlike other keyframebased visualization software, Mockup lets nearly every property be driven by events. An event is any trigger such as a timer, user interaction, or animation start-stop. Further, animations are highly interactive, integrating software links internally to Seemage, or to external data
  • Ground-fault interrupters
    be as high as 30 mA. The reason GFCIs are deployed is that the current levels that trigger them are enough to electrocute people or cause damage but not enough to actuate conventional circuit breakers. The GFCI response-time spec is designed to cut power before the heart goes into ventricular

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