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    Countertops - (246 companies)
    ...stone, weight may also be a consideration. Materials Kitchen countertops differ in terms of materials of construction. Choices include: ceramic tile concrete engineering stone granite laminate marble Ceramic tile countertops can withstand hot...
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  • Overlays and Veneers-Image
    Overlays and Veneers - (71 companies)
    ...or laminated boards with water proof and non-stick properties. These laminated products are used to make concrete forms, countertops, signs, shelving, staging and pallets. Decorative overlays consist of a resin-saturated paper with a graphic design or printed...
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  • Furniture-Image
    Furniture - (804 companies)
    ...underneath. Tables are furniture made from wood, aluminum, and stainless steel. Despite the base material, the top may be covered in composite wood, a laminate, steel, or a rounded-edge maple top. Cabinets. Office and industrial cabinets are furniture...
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  • Laminators and Laminating Machines-Image
    Laminators and Laminating Machines - (272 companies)
    Laminators and laminating machines or presses bond together layers of materials such as plastic films on glass, wood or other substrates. Laminators and laminating machines, or presses, bond together layers of materials such as plastic films...
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  • Painting Services-Image
    Painting Services - (468 companies)
    Industrial painting services apply paint to substrates for protection and/or decoration. They perform processes such as coil or roll coating, dip or immersion coating, dry lubricant coating, powder coating, and web coating. Industrial painting...
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    Painting, Coating, and Finishing System Integrators - (217 companies)
    Painting, coating and finishing system integrators provide finishing lines, turnkey coating machines and large-scale systems for production finishing operations. Typically, finishing lines are designed to OEM requirements and are installed on site...
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    Architectural Painting and Finishing Services - (204 companies)
    Image Credit: Advanced Finishing USA. Architectural painting and finishing services coat, finish and paint interior and exterior surfaces and components in buildings and plants. Architecture painting starts with surface preparation such as power...
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    Laminating Services - (284 companies)
    Laminating services bond two or more layers of material into a laminated composite sheet or web. They use standard thermal laminating films, low-temperature thermal laminating films, heat-assisted laminating films, pressure-sensitive films...
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    Spray Painting Equipment (Paint Sprayers) - (262 companies) optimize the painting process. Spray painting equipment refers to the collection of devices used to apply a surface coating to objects by the means of atomized liquids that are propelled through the air, usually by compressed air. It also refers...
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    Cabinets and Casework - (699 companies)
    Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials.
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  • Fixing and Flipping Real Estate
    Jumper cables? directions to lowe’s? instead he asked if i was going to install the ceiling fans, light fixtures, door hardware and faux wood miniblinds myself� the thought crossed my … that day� While material costs (i�e�, cabinets, countertops , windows, doors, ceiling fans … let’s say you call three or four painters to bid out an exterior paint job� at least .... • paint • Flooring (carpet, tile, laminate , hardwood) • light fixtures • door hardware • Window blinds…
  • K and B Dollars and Sense: Serving up Value in Kitchen and Bath Remodels | Remodeling | Kitchen, Bath, Design, Cabinets, Casework, Cost-Effective Design, Count...
    Painted and glazed finishes are more expensive than stain. .... Countertops . .... courtesy Hurst Total Home Granite Look The “amore” profile on this laminate island resembles ogee-edged granite .... And McCabe adds that Wilsonart’s High Definition  faux stone products look “so realistic that you have to…
  • Builders' Show Product Picks, Day 3 | Remodeling | Products, Walls, Natural Metals, Wood, Metal, Streetlighting, Slipform, Urban Forestry, Air Pollution, Acces...
    Ideal for walls, countertops , and floors, the tiles are made from centuries-old techniques where the product .... Doors feature laminated -veneer-lumber cores and veneer skins that result in stiles and rails that are .... Instead of faux logs, flames originate from a sculptural burner of randomly placed stainless steel tubes, and .... • Home Depot Unit to Pay $37K Penalty in Lead- Paint Settlement .
  • Rotch
    One-half and three-quarter-inch sheets are available for countertops , vanity tops, and partitions."13. .... The "art" of using materials, such as paint , to depict other surface materials has existed for many .... Known as " faux " (and pronounced "foe"), this word is derived from the French word meaning … is employed in the fabrication of a variety of modem veneers, particularly in the realm of laminates .
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology 3rd Edition Complete Document
    Retailers leave these boxes in the open position on a countertop for the customer to read about .... The bleached-white, laminated , E-flute, die-cut, corrugated box is designed in the style of a … the valve, so that it can be washed free of such things as paint pigments, starch powders .... J. M. Adams, D. D. Faux , and L. J. Rieber, .
  • RSMeans Illustrated Construction Dictionary, Student Edition
    countertop The level surface material covering cabinetry, such as in. .... That which envelops or hides, such as a protecting cover of paint . .... cross- laminated Laminated wood. .... faux bois French term for “false wood,” referring to simulated wood grain.
  • States > Massachusetts > State > Regulations > 310 - Department of Environmental Protection > [310 CMR 7] 007 - Air Pollution Control
    Faux Finishing Coatings. .... Graphic Arts Coatings (Sign Paints ). .... 1. structural and building components that include, but are not limited to, beams, trusses, studs, paneling (such as drywall or drywall laminates , fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), plywood, particle board … etc.), ceiling and acoustical tile, molding, fixtures, countertops or countertop laminates, cover…
  • Plastics End Use Applications
    Once installed, the flexible mouldings can be  painted , stained, or  faux  finished. .... Leading  and trailing wing edges are Nomex aramid honeycomb cored sandwich  laminates . .... The plates have a built-in ther- moplastic vulcanizate (TPV) lip seal of Santoprene TPV from Advanced Elastomer  Systems, LP that creates the watertight barrier between the faucet and the  counter- top , eliminating the need to apply plumber’s caulk during installation to achieve the  seal.
  • States > California > State > Air Districts > Placer County > Regulation II - Prohibitions > [pla AQMD 218] Rule 218 - Architectural Coatings
    …that is labeled and formulated exclusively for refinishing the surface of a bathtub, shower, sink, or countertop . .... from logs for use in the manufacture of wood products, such as plywood, laminated veneer lumber, or .... Faux Finishing Coating. .... Graphic Arts Coating or Sign Paints .
  • Our International Education
    …Ilona find me in front of the electronics section, where I’ve propped David up on a countertop . .... David’s mess turns out to be just a small puddle on the laminate flooring and an easy .... The walls are painted yellow and there are five small pine rectangular tables with six small pine .... The faux décor, massively obese customers, immense hamburger on my platter, loud music, and freezing air conditioning…

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