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  • Kidde Graviner Limited
    Fire protection systems for locomotives, dmus and rolling stock, including halon replacement gaseous fire suppression systems using FM-200, FE - 13 & CO 2 ; AFFF (aqueous film-forming foam), powder, and water.
  • Vie path manual motor vehicle technology
    …driver modeling, 1022, 1023 driving position, 150 driver support 16, 16 passenger compartment, driving noise, 32, 86 driving noise suppression , 598 driving equation, 367 … force, 632 chassis control system , 634 driving resistance, 50 … physics, vehicle safety - unfallfolgenmildernde, 13 vehicle sound, 86 vehicle … 745 spring stiffness - dynamic, 732 spring interpretation, 752 spring system - actively controlled, 640 error sources, 1166 error simulation, 1188 fine sheet metal, 1045 field calculation methods, 1177 FEM analysis, 709 fairy -model, 1162 window directions … 28, 29 solid, 613 hot galvanizing, filters .
  • North Slope Halon Replacement Strategies
    It requires a special high pressure (600 psig) delive~ system and requires about twice the weight of halon 1301 b the same fire suppression performance. .... FE 13 does not deplete ozone, but has a high global warm- ing potential (about double that of halon 1301).
  • CR4 - Thread: Difference Between "FM200" and "NAF s125" GAS for Fire Suppression
    Table 1 lists the clean agent fire extinguishants which are currently commercially available. .... Worldwide, numerous high value items are protected by clean agent systems . .... FM-200® suppression systems protect the electrical systems of the Eiffel Tower, the first draft of the .... FE - 13 systems are employed in inerting applications on the North slope, and Inergen® systems protect a copy of the Gettysburg address.
  • SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering
    Other replacement compounds suppress fires primarily by extracting heat from the flame reaction zone, thereby reducing the flame temperature below that which is necessary to maintain sufficiently high reaction rates by a combination of heat of vaporization, heat capacity, and the energy .... Table 44.2 Comparisons of systems in 500–5000 m3 range of volumes [2]. .... FE - 13 .
  • CR4 - Thread: Halon Fire Suppression
    Re: Halon Fire Suppression . .... The other systems , or are too dangerous for people, or are damaging the climate. .... In fact FE 13 need 300 years to disappear, FM 200 30 years, CO2 is a no breathing gas,...
  • OSA | Application of tunable diode laser diagnostics for temperature and species concentration profiles of inhibited low-pressure flames
    We have employed tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) to characterize low-pressure premixed CH4/O2/Ar flames inhibited with Halon 1301 (CF3Br) and the candidate Halon alternative compounds FE - 13 (CF3H) and HFC-125 (C2F5H). .... This work is part of a larger program designed to help identify replacement fire - suppression compounds for the currently used Halon 1301. .... Contact your librarian or system administrator .
    The last requirement for the Automatic Damage Control System is the ability to provide a controlling action .... This controlling action would be activated as an extinguishing agent for fire scenarios. .... Fire Suppression . .... requires compressed storage and expensive FE - 13 6.4% safe for personnel and no clean up .
  • An assessment of alternatives and technologies for replacing ozone- depleting substances at DOE facilities
    A sprinklersystemwith open headsis triggeredby a separatedetection system . .... Some of the substituteshave not previouslybeen used for fire suppression ,and othersare recognizedagentscurrentlyused in fire suppressionsystems. .... The DuPontCompanyhas announceda potentialsubstitute(a), FE - 13 ,a chemicalthat possessan ODP of zero, and has low toxicity, lt is alreadyin use as a refrigerant,lt does have a potentialdrawback: its highvapor pressuredoes not allowits use with standardhalonpiping.
  • DoE-Identification dual loopiteration design method due to real-time optimization for transient model identification
    …G R is supplied too, combustion performs the instability and performs the losing fire but if E .... The EG R control is necessary in pipe be accurate to drive at is flammability limit close. .... example due to identification algorithm proposed to transient model of E G R system shown in Fig .... + fif25u 1( fe - 2) u 2 (fc - 2). .... + g 13 u 21 V^ - l) + g 1, u2(k - l) .