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  • Roll Forming Services-Image
    Roll Forming Services - (272 companies)
    Roll forming services create metal shapes with uniform cross-sections. Sheets, strips, coils, wires or foils are fed between successive pairs of rollers that progressively bend and form the metal until the desired shape and cross-section is obtained...
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    Roll Forming Materials
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  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Services-Image
    Sheet Metal Fabrication Services - (2234 companies)
    ...welding, and hardware and fastener creation. Bending and forming processes are used to shape the sheet metal to its final shape. In the rolling process, a series of roll stands is used to progressively shape or bend a strip of flat-rolled metal...
  • Roll Forming Machines-Image
    Roll Forming Machines - (191 companies)
    Roll forming machines bend metal sheet into channels and other cross-sectional shapes. They use paired rollers called roll stations to form metal parts with long lengths, often in large quantities. Roll forming equipment that is used to shape steel...
  • Tube and Pipe Bending Machines-Image
    Tube and Pipe Bending Machines - (292 companies)
    Tube and Pipe Bending Machines are used to bend or coil metal pipe or tubing to a desired radius. How to Select Tube and Pipe Bending Machines. Roll Bender. Tube Bending Parts. Portable Pipe Bending Machine. Image Credit: Benchmark Tubular Mfg...
  • Tube Bending and Pipe Bending Services-Image
    Tube Bending and Pipe Bending Services - (502 companies)
    Tube bending and pipe bending services produce finished parts from tubes and pipes. They perform processes such as CNC bending, hydroforming, mandrel bending, ram bending, roll ending, heat bending, and sand packing. Tube bending and pipe bending...
    Posts, Spacers, and Standoffs - (435 companies)
    Posts, spacers and standoffs are threaded and used in applications where boards, plates, or other items need to be fastened to each other. Basic Information. Posts, spacers and standoffs are threaded components used in applications where boards...
    Tool Posts - (27 companies)
    Tool posts are used to hold cutting tools. They allow for rapid tool changeover and provide a high degree of position repeatability and indexing. Tool posts are used to hold cutting tools. Tool posts allow for rapid tool changeover and provide...
    Tube Bending Tooling - (40 companies)
    ...and roll benders (commonly referred to as 3-roll benders). Each machine type uses specially designed tooling. Rotary draw (or mandrel) benders have several tooling components. The radius of the bend die determines the form of the bend. A mandrel controls...
    Machine Fences, Stops, and Guides - (39 companies)
    Machine fences, machine stops and machine guides are use to position and guide a workpiece in saws, routers, and other cutting equipment. Machine fences, machine stops, and machine guides are used to position and guide a workpiece in saws, routers...
    Rolled Rings - (37 companies)
    Rolled rings (or seamless forged rings) are hollow metal cylinder shapes used as starting stock blanks for wheels or rail tires, housings, bearings, gears, valve seats, ring gaskets and couplings. Rolled rings (also known as seamless forged rings...

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    ' Steel City produces lawn and garden steel fence posts either by stamping or by roll forming mild steel strip. … processes that do not require the steel to be heated prior to being bent into "U" or …
  • Carpenter-Friendly Clamp - Professional Deck Builder Magazine
    At 30 inches long, the Fubar provides good leverage for prying, whether that’s jamming the toe of the tool into a fence post , peeling up an old T&G porch floor, or rolling a giant rock. There’s no flex when I really lean on the bar — and I have bent cheaper ones.
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  • Oil Impregnated Bronze
    Get some tubing and match the inside to the outside of the bushings, and then get a rod bent up 90 from the fence post to go inside the bushing, weld … … drop out the bottom because the bent rod is the keeper. … used 1/2" sintered bronze bushings for the saw to slide on 1/2 in cold rolled steel rod.
  • roll benders
    I've been bending 1" and 1 1/4 square tube for a while using a forms made from … You may have seen me post about it. Earlier this year I passed on a fence job because it had so many radius sections and I didn't have a roll bender.