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  • Follow the Fiber, See the Light, Fiber is Finally at the Desktop!
    primarily for connecting wiring centers (closets) together, creating a network backbone. This application applied to both intra and inter-building networks including campus environments. Innovations in the fiber industry fabrication processes have contributed to decreases in the cost of fiber cable
  • Calculating Fiber Loss in Fiber Optic Networking
    Fiber optic networking can be a daunting undertaking, but it really is not as difficult as it seems. Understanding factors such as fiber modes, fiber launch power, receive sensitivity, fiber cable attenuation, and fiber budgets will make fiber installation projects run much smoother and more
  • Fiber-Optic Connections
    Three major components in any fiber-optic system are the transmitter, receiver, and fiber cable. Transmitters are often referred to as launchers and are typically either injection laser diodes (ILDs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The total power of any launcher never completely couples
  • 10GbE Fiber
    The "best practice" to assure your installation will perform at the 10GbE level, is a systems. approach. What this means, is that you should assure that all of the materials used, such as cable, connectors, distribution enclosures, adapter plates, and optical patch cords all adhere to the same
  • Fiber Optics User Guide
    Not all fiber optic cable assemblies are created equal. Amphenol has been an industry leader in fiber optic interconnects for several decades. When network reliability is of paramount importance, you can always trust the leader in high-bandwidth interconnect technology. Despite the fact that fiber
  • Temperature Behaviour of 500µm Fiber
    strippable coating material is user friendly and compatible in all cable constructions. The coating can be stripped in one step to the cladding and allows significant time saving in the termination process. Featuring a coating diameter of 500µm the fiber can be operated at temperatures of –60° up
  • Sensor Sense: Fiber-optic sensors
    Industrial sensors using fiber-optic cables often have a role sensing small targets or working under conditions that would hamper other types of sensors. come in both thrubeam and diffuse-beam types. In thrubeam, light from the transmitter (Tx) fiber strand aims directly into the receiver (Rx
  • Fiber Optic Antenna Link OFW-5800 GPS
    cable and Mil Spec fiber optic connectors. The OFW - 5800/GPS enables the naval combat systems engineer to take advantage of the unique properties offered by optical fiber technology. These properties include extremely low signal loss, ultra-wide bandwidth, immunity to electromagnetic interference
  • High Speed Fiber Optic Infrared Transmitter (.pdf)
    One of the most effective methods of making non-contact high temperature measurements in industrial applications is with a fiber optic infrared probe. These devices typically consist of a lens probe assembly which is aimed at the object to be measured, and a fiber optic interconnecting cable, which
  • Soldering Fiber Optic Cable to Fiber Ferrule with Glass Preform [PFS]
    Induction heating provides rapid localized heat only where needed, repeatable, consistent results with clean, controllable joints...
  • Soldering Fiber Optic Cable to Fiber Ferrule with Glass Preform [IH]
    Induction heating provides rapid localized heat only where needed, repeatable, consistent results with clean, controllable joints...
  • Electrical Engineers Break Power and Distance Barriers for Fiber Optic Communication
    Electrical engineers have broken key barriers that limit the distance information can travel in fiber optic cables and still be accurately deciphered by a receiver. Photonics researchers at the University of California, San Diego have increased the maximum power - and therefore distance - at which
  • Hermetically Sealing a Fiber Optic Cable in a Kovar Ferrule (.pdf)
    The coil heats quickly so that the heat does not travel to heat sensitive components in the case...
  • 5 Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing Wireless Ethernet Extenders
    Wireless Ethernet extenders provide a very cost-effective method for extending a LAN/WAN beyond the 100-meter Ethernet limit. They eliminate the need to buy new cable or dig expensive trenches for fiber cable, and also the time-consuming waits for rights of way. Wireless Extenders also eliminate
  • PCI Express: A Uniform Protocol Across Applications
    PCI-X expansion chassis using a fiber cable to transmit bus data.

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