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  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic
    Laser marking is fundamentally different from ink printing, the traditional method of writing on plastics. Whereas direct ink printing puts an image on the surface of the plastic which can be removed by abrasion or solvents, laser marking can provide an indelible high-contrast mark in the material
  • Fiber Laser Marking - Colour Marking
    The use of lasers for colour marking is not new as the technique has been known for over 10 years. This technique was identified as a viable process for use on craft metal work and jewellery. However, the process has had very little commercial impact in the intervening years. There is now a greater
  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic: ABS
    . The material is stiff, and the properties are kept over a wide temperature range. Since ABS is extensively used in products requiring user interaction such as the keyboard, graphics/symbols are needed to communicate what the functions, of the different parts of the product, are. Lasers offer some clear
  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic: Polycarbonate
    Polycarbonates are a particular group of thermoplastic polymers. They are easily worked, moulded, and thermoformed; as such, these plastics are very widely used in many modern industries. Their interesting features, such as temperature resistance, impact resistance and optical properties, position
  • High Contrast Fiber Laser Marking of Silicon Carbide
    material in the electronics industry. Its strong thermal conductivity and tolerance to radiation damage make it a desirable material for the defense and aerospace industries as well as for tooling applications. The high power density readily achieved with the SPI Fiber Laser has clearly produced
  • Fiber Laser Marking - Night and Day Mark
    The Night and Day marking application, also known as paint removal, is a very demanding application in various industries such as in the design of a car's interior. Research is continuously carried out into improving the cockpit environment for a car's occupants. The effective nighttime
  • Application Newsletter-UID Marking Aluminum with the i-Series Fiber Laser
    The Laser Photonics i-Series Fiber Laser was specifically designed for maintenance-free OEM applications. It's the most advanced, reliable, industrial grade Fiber Laser marking system available on the market today. It is easily integrated into an assembly line with or without a PC and has single
  • Application Newsletter - Medical Device Marking with the FIBERsource TM
    A stainless steel medical device part was marked using a 20Watt Fiber Laser Marking System. The part, for a medical saw, was marked with a single line, narrow font for speed purposes and a bold font to increase readability. The part was engraved deep enough that the marking would very hard

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