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  • Manual for Technical product design
    The life of plastic lenses is thus extended, better optical properties obtain the visors of motorcycle or fire brigade helmets . … of thin coatings, the sol gel-process also in the manufacture of ceramic fibers becomes e.g …
  • Polycarbonates (PC): transformation, shaping recyclings-Technical of the Ingénieur
    Polycarbonate (PC) being very transparent with an excellent impact resistance, it is frequently used in optique but also for the manufacture of the CD and DVD, or still of helmet of motorcycle (cf. examples of industrial application). • Polycarbonate strengthened, 20 % of glass fiber (PC FV 20 .
  • A mechanical mounting system for functional near-infrared spectroscopy brain imaging studies
    While helmets, especially motorcycle helmets , block out light from the surroundings, they also impede the placement of optodes from a practical viewpoint, in terms of measuring positions for optode alignment and also shifting hair from beneath the optode position. Embedded in the rubber patches were small brass tubes with a collar which provide mechanical support for the LED and fibre optic cable.
  • The unique story of a high-tech polymer
    Fiber - optic and electro-mechanical cables Ropes and cables Hunting chaps, gaiters and pants; high performance outerwear; motorcycle apparel; sailing outerwear Anti-mine boots; gloves-cut resistant (police and military); composite helmets ; vests-bullet and fragmentation .
  • Computational model for the stereoscopic optics of a head-mounted display
    In 1985 at NASA Ames Research Center, Mike McGreevy and Jim Humphries built a non-see-through HMD from monochrome LCD pocket television displays, a motorcycle helmet , and the LEEP wide-angle stereoscopic optics {HOWL83]. CAB Electronics of Quebec has developed a fiber - optic helmet-mounted display system (FOHMD), intended for flight simulators [CAE86] [HEND89].
    The whole of the electronic system and the fibre ‐ optic links are triplicated, with a duplex hydraulic system. PHOTO: Motorcycle helmet This new helmet, made by the Swiss company Kiwi, will be issued to all motorcyclists of the Swiss Army during the next two years.
  • Dispersal and survival of juvenile feral ferrets Mustela furo in New Zealand
    Rabbits were counted by driving along the transect on a motorcycle at a speed of 10– 20 km h–1 , with a spotlight strapped to the observer’s helmet . … several days; (iii) a stethoscope placed just inside the den entrance to listen for juveniles; or (iv) use of a ‘burrowscope’ (a modified endoscope with a strong light source at the end of a 1·5- m fibre - optic cable) to determine the …
  • Aniline
    Protective fabrics for use in body (bullet-resistant helmets and vests for military and law enforcement, fire … Demand is also expanding rapidly for p-aramid fibers used in the tire markets. … tires but automotive and truck applications are growing rapidly including sport-utility vehicles, motorcycles and off-road … • Tension reinforcements for above-ground fiber- optic cables and protective coverings for underground and underwater fiber …
  • Multichannel time-resolved tissue oximeter for functional imaging of the brain
    … is based on the following: pulsed diode lasers with 80 MHz repetition rate and 1 mW average power (Picoquant GmbH, Germany); a couple of 1 × 9 fiber optic switches (PiezoJena GmbH, Germany … … made multimode graded index fiber optics combiner; a compact … A few examples include fibers inserted through modified motorcycle helmets , thermoplastic molded to the contours of each subject’s head, spring-loaded fibers attached to semirigid Fig. 2.
  • WNGlosses (\
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