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    Furniture - (751 companies)
    Furniture consists of seating, benches, tables, cabinets and chairs for indoor or outdoor applications. Furniture consists of seating, tables, and cabinets that can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Office furniture and industrial...
  • Composite and Fiberglass Molding Services-Image
    Composite and Fiberglass Molding Services - (285 companies)
    Composite and fiberglass molding services perform injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, rotationalmolding, thermoforming, and dip molding. Composite and fiberglass molding services perform: injection molding. blow molding...
    Planters - (60 companies)
    ...walkways, parking lots, and other publicly-accessible areas. They are made of wood, concrete, stone, terracotta, ceramic, metal, fiberglass, or composite materials. Wooden planters are sometimes made of redwood, an evergreen tree that is used popular...
  • Modular Enclosures-Image
    Modular Enclosures - (117 companies) oxidation. Polymers are nonmetal materials with varying properties. ABS is a hard, rigid, inexpensive thermoplastic polymer that has good chemical and creep resistance, but is prone to cracking under stress. Fiberglass is a strong, durable, reinforced...
  • Fiberglass Fabrication Services-Image
    Fiberglass Fabrication Services - (141 companies)
    Fiberglass fabrication services include die cutting or converting of glass fabrics, stitching, sewing, draping, laminating, assembly, hand lay-up, spray-up, and other processes for a variety of applications and industries. How to Select Fiberglass...
    Glass Fibers and Fiberglass Cloth - (247 companies)
    Glass fibers and fiberglass cloth consist of bulk, chopped fibers or continuous strands of glass. Glass fibers and fiberglass cloth is used in reinforcing plastics and composites as well as other specialized electrical and thermal applications...
    Molding Compounds and Resins - (282 companies)
    Molding compounds and resins are industrial plastics and polymers that are suitable for forming. They are used in injection molding, compression molding, reaction injection molding (RIM), resin transfer molding (RTM), and blow molding.
    Doors - (1348 companies)
    Doors are swinging or sliding barriers that can be opened or closed to allow or deny entry.
    Boxes and Crates - (256 companies)
    ...materials of construction for boxes and crates include cloth, fabric, fiberglass, foam, leather, wood, metalized film, and polytetrafluoroethyelene (PTFE). Boxes and Crates Features. Features for boxes and crates vary, and may be designed...
    Screens - (130 companies)
    ...durable wires and ropes. Natural fibers are used to design decorative screens, but tend to not have the strength or resilience for most standard applications. Fiberglass is a unique material consisting of numerous extremely fine fibers of glass...

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