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  • Quick & Easy Changeover in Injection Molding Machine!
    Panasonic Eco Solutions Electrical Construction Materials Mie Co., Ltd. manufactures intercom and fire alarm for home and they use IMAO's Quarter Turn Clamps on injection molding line for the resin products.
  • Quarter-Turn Fasteners Case Study
    intercom and fire alarm for home and they use IMAO's Quarter Turn Clamps on injection molding line for the resin products.
  • Demystifying Polling Control in Zigbee Networks
    . This blog post takes a closer look at the polling mechanism in Zigbee and its use in a fire alarm sensor application.
  • Applying Neural Network Technology To Next Generation Flame Detectors
    . Insufficient differentiation of flames from background sources typically causes the highly undesirable condition of false alarm. When a false alarm condition occurs, it activates automated fire suppression equipment, causes operational interrupts, consumes extinguishing materials, and requires
  • Bulk Material Combustion Warning Systems (.pdf)
    of the area being monitored. This clearly shows hot spots on a remote video or PC monitor in real time and triggers an alarm. This application flyer describes how these systems can be designed and used to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing loss before a fire happens.
  • Safe as Houses
    People who work at vertigo-inducing heights on window-washing platforms, risers, lift platforms and fire ladders want to be assured that the surface on which they stand is maintained at a safe and steady angle. This can be accomplished with special tilt and angle sensors - when the platform exceeds
  • Meeting NFPA Requirements in Ovens & Dryers
    Almost all safety authorities require a 4:1 margin of safety below the LFL, based on worst-case conditions. This means that enough dilution air must be used to always maintain a concentration of less than 25% of the LFL, according to the National Fire Protection Association standard NFPA 86
  • Panel Mountable Pressure Transducers
    Pressure transducers form a critical function in today's closed loop systems providing data for safety, control and alarm functions encountered in typical industrial applications such as heating boilers, HVAC/R, gas correctors, compressors, test stands, fire suppression equipment and power
  • Customer Spotlight - Relio TM Emergency Communications
    A world leading developer and manufacturer of critical two-way radio communications system used by public safety and government organization such as police and fire departments needed an ultra-reliable industrial computer to monitor remote site operations. Sealevel designed a custom Relio system
  • Using KEELOQ to Validate Subsystem Compatibility
    (including as an extreme, fire and explosion of the battery pack) severely compromising the safety of use of the whole product. The situation is different in the case of security applications (such as modular Home Alarm systems) where module validation is required to prevent tampering of the system, theft