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  • Testing for Flame Resistance of Electrical Cables
    The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) publishes flame-resistance standards through its published National Electrical Code (NEC). Other agencies, such as UL and CSA also publish standards and also define certain tests for determining flame resistance (or lack thereof). Flame resistance
  • Thermal Response Characteristics of Marine Grade Radome Composites Designed for use on Spruance Class Naval Destroyers
    Survivability of marine grade composite structures exposed to fire is of greatest concern due to a number of issues including: flammability, fire growth, fire resistance, fire protection, and structural integrity. A warship can expect to encounter intense fire exposure during battle conditions
  • Powering Safety Systems - Giving Yourself Significant Power "Headroom" (.pdf)
    that impact voltage reaching the fire or gas detector, any one of which may cause an unwanted shutdown or damage to the instrument. The most fundamental factor to consider is wire resistance between the power supply and the device but there many other factors.
  • Detecting Circulating Currents and Hot Spots in Normally Non-current Carrying Conductors and Structural Members
    to even detect electrically that they are there. The question might arise, why worry about these currents? The answer is heat. As with any current flow, these circulating currents produce heat when they flow across a resistance. In extreme cases there might be enough heat to cause equipment damage
  • Designs that won't go up in smoke
    of toxic gas generated under standard conditions. Silicones are well known for their high temperature resistance. However, flammability properties of commercial brands vary. A recent test conducted according to UL 94 V-0 (vertical foam) procedures serve as an example. Here, after 19.57 sec of testing
  • Chainflex Cables Available With Over-Molded Connectors
    of both the conductor insulation and the outer jacket. The insulation and jacket of Chainflex CF.INI are made from flexible, anti-abrasive thermoplastic polyester containing fire retardants for increased resistance. It also has a non-porous TPE outer jacket that provides superior chemical resistance
  • Polyimide
    Available both as thermoplastic and thermoset resins, polyimides (Pls) are a family of some of the most heat and fire-resistant polymers known. Moldings and laminates are generally based on thermoset resins, although some are made from thermoplastic grades. Unlike most plastics, Pls are available
    of borax flux during forging, and a totally reducing fire may contribute to rust resistance. These two knives were made for the crown prince of Dubai. The falcon knife has wing patterns in the Damascus and on the guard and a falcon head motif on the end of the handle. The other knife, designed
  • Interphex Stands Test of Time (and Economy)
    properties, chemical durability and fire/smoke resistance.
  • Medical Device Link .
    began looking for nonallergenic alternatives to natural rubber latex (NRL) more than a decade ago, when the number of reported cases of allergic reactions to latex started increasing dramatically. NRL is a highly elastic, very-low-durometer material exhibiting high tear resistance and high elongation