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  • Dampers and Louvers-Image
    Dampers and Louvers - (292 companies)
    Dampers and louvers control the flow of air in a process system or enclosed area. Dampers are usually motorized or manually-adjustable for flow control. They can modulate gas or air flow, detour flow into alternative systems, or isolate a process...
    Fireplaces - (128 companies)
    ...bars. lintel. damper. smoke chamber. throat. flue. chimney case. crown. spark arrestor. cap or shroud. In the United States, fireplaces should comply with state, local, and (in some case) federal standards for emissions. Types. Selecting fireplaces...
  • Damper Actuators-Image
    Damper Actuators - (50 companies)
    Damper actuators are powered devices that are used to operate a damper and adjust the flow of air and smoke. There are two basic types: electric and pneumatic. Electric damper actuators differ in terms of output. Choices include 0 to 12 VDC, 2 to 10...
  • Rotary Dampers-Image
    Rotary Dampers - (50 companies)
    Rotary dampers absorb and slow rotary motion for the mitigation of vibration, noise, and machine component wear. Rotary dampers are gear-like devices designed to limit the movement of a moving piece of equipment. Rotary dampers absorb and slow down...
  • Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots-Image
    Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots - (281 companies)
    Shock absorbers, linear dampers, and dashpots provide motion damping in linear applications. They frequently incorporate fluid dampening, and can include mechanical or elastomeric elements. Shock absorbers, linear dampers, and dashpots provide...
    Plugs, Stoppers, and Inserts - (341 companies)
    Plugs, stoppers and inserts fit into holes or cavities and are designed for the ends of shafts, tubes, pipes, fittings, connectors, screws, bars, or other shapes.
    Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1484 companies)
    Industrial fans and blowers are move air and granular media in industrial and commercial settings. Typical applications include air circulation for personnel, exhaust, or material handling.
    Locks - (511 companies)
    Locks are mechanical fastening devices designed to close and control access to doors, drawers, or containers. Common types of locks include cam locks, combination locks, deadbolts, padlocks, and key-operated locks.
    Air Diffusers and Grilles - (302 companies) Industrial diffusers (HVAC diffusers, diffuser dampers) are also used in industrial air-dispersion applications. Types of Air Diffusers and Grilles. Product categories include: two-way diffusers. four-way diffusers. radial vane diffusers...
    Touch Switches and Tactile Switches - (182 companies)
    Both types of tactile switches give the user sensor or tactile feedback that the button or switch has made contact with the control panel beneath, usually a printed circuit board (PCB). Touch switches and tactile switches also include dome switches...

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  • Damper Basics - Masonry Construction
    High- dome and universal dampers are good choices for multi-opening fireplaces because they cover more of the firebox and throat area.
  • Sonic absorber and silencers
    Cable guide 126 cable duct 348 emperor-Wilhelm-memory church 242 chimney mouth 562 … 316 communication ability 212 kommunikationsintensiv used space 168, 171, 184, 186, 192, 201, 250, 300 communication power 201 communicative requirement 204 compact-absorbers 11, 127, 260, 287 compact- silencers 382 condensate formation 95 … … 325, 326, 335, 336 headphones 211 body sound 15 …
  • Robust and tunable silencers in the exhaust air of Fertigungs‐ and heating installations
    Here, the high and acoustically untreated chimney can be used to achieve a broadband by low and average frequencies attenuation with a novel "Cleanable tube- silencer " [13] and tonal components of the boiler to bedämpfen additionally. The modernization with these silencers at the heads of the exhaust gas lines is to see in the right photo in image 9.