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  • Papers
    Blow (tare: 18 %) muffles, capsules, crucibles retorts, refractory tubes and plates (T.: 10 %) Other Thonwaaren (with exception of porcelain etc.), solidly or wisely; fine Terracottavvaaren Thonwaaren (with Ausn. v.
  • For melting point determination of ceramic products
    This arrangement couldn't be used anymore for the attainment of still higher temperatures, as it on suitable refractory tubes until was missing now.
  • Patent reportings on chemisch‐technische apparatuses
    One this dumh Einsetwn of refractory tube bricks to avoid has tried, that have particularly made every raw-width fur however miissen a e r d m and become on transport easily beschadigt.
  • Referaten part
    As furnace, an arsenic-graphite-resistance vacuum furnace was used by attempts; the set Stiicke wurdetl to investigate through a refractory tube of 72 kaolin and 2,8 alumina before gases geschutzt and auBerdem to molten alumina.
  • Electrical heating
    When the windings of the tungsten heating wire are thereby ordered in the interior of a refractory tube , so dm ~ freely radiates it on the good, k6nnen, temperatures allow themselves in such a furnace to oberhMb 2000 ° achieves.
  • Oxygen determination in iron and steel
    That consisted of refractory tube received Berlin of mass K t5 for receiving of ever t0 g steel and tin serving shuttle of mass D 4.
  • Destruction effects Induced through crystals in Porous materials
    Refractory tube with crystals and tracks Ron of Ausbr ~ ckelung.
  • Racing car technique
    In many running vehicles, a rescue system is installed that supplies the driver in the emergency over a refractory hose line to the helmet with breathing air.
    It is advisable to admit a fireproof tube , open to the atmosphere, into the muffle.
  • Referaten part
    Verf. after 1 ti lder 6, 2, 3, 4, dad. gek., daB in use of Quecksilberlampfen as Atmosphare by sintering the Korper unischlossen aird to sinter of a refractory tube in relatively low Ahstande.