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  • Digesters-Image
    Digesters - (50 companies)
    Digesters are used to break samples down into their basic constituents for further analysis. Digesters break down samples into their basic constituents for analysis. While they function in a similar fashion to biological digestion, the constituents...
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  • Anaerobic Adhesives and Anaerobic Sealants-Image
    Anaerobic Adhesives and Anaerobic Sealants - (92 companies)
    Description. Anaerobic adhesives and anaerobic sealants cure in the absence of air or oxygen. They are designed for fastening and sealing applications in which a tight seal must be formed without light, heat or oxygen. Anerobic adhesives...
  • Fixed Gages-Image
    Fixed Gages - (71 companies)
    Fixed gages are designed to access a specific attribute based on comparative gaging. These gages are used for quickly assessing approximate size in a go / no-go manner. How to Select Fixed Gages. Fixed gages are designed to access a specific...
  • Film Capacitors-Image
    Film Capacitors - (203 companies)
    ...of standards, both comprehensive/general and specific, is listed below. BS EN 60384 (Film capacitors in electronic equipment [film dielectric]; 23 parts). EIA 376 (Fixed film capacitors in DC applications). EIA 456 (Film capacitors in AC applications). EIA...
  • Fixed Growth Treatment Systems-Image
    Fixed Growth Treatment Systems - (20 companies)
    Fixed growth treatment systems attach microorganisms to a surface that is exposed to water. In a fixed growth treatment system, aerobic microorganisms attach and grow on an inert media. Wastewater flows across a slime layer created by the attached...
    Film Cameras - (6 companies)
    Film Cameras use photographic film, usually a plastic coated with a light-sensitive emulsion, that when exposed to light, forms a latent image. A chemical process called film developing is later applied to the film to produce visible images.. Film...
    Photographic Films - (22 companies)
    How to Select Photographic Film. Photographic films are plastic sheets used to capture images by exposing the layers of plastic to light for specific periods of time, depending on the quality. They consist of sheets of plastic coated...
    Thick Film Materials - (19 companies)
    ...the circuit must be fired or sintered. Exposure to a controlled temperature for a set time results in the formation of a fixed, cohesive film. Resources. Resistors Guide --Thin film vs. thick film. University of Bolton --Thick film technology. Image credit...
    TLD and Film Badges - (15 companies)
    Thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs) and film badges offer delayed-read measurements of cumulative exposure to ionizing radiation. They are commonly worn by personnel. Thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs) and films badges are wearable devices...
    Thin Film Monitors - (57 companies)
    Thin film monitors are used to analyze and/or control thin film deposition rate, composition and properties. Thin film monitors such as quartz crystal microbalances, ellipsometers or spectrometers for in-situ monitoring are used to control thin film...

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