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  • Cable Assemblies-Image
    Cable Assemblies - (1869 companies)
    ...about assemblies of battery cables and phone cords. The connector type may correspond to the cable table, or may instead indicate characteristics such as the shell type or number of pins. For example, USB cable assemblies consist of bundled or banded...
  • Flat Cables-Image
    Flat Cables - (308 companies)
    Flat cables are used in computers for internal connections to peripherals. They consist of highly stranded, individually-insulated conductors that are laid parallel and then fused in a flat, flexible ribbon form. Flat cables are also referred...
  • Electrical Connectors-Image
    Electrical Connectors - (2490 companies)
    ...the connection, and protect the contacts from shorting and/or from various environmental hazards. Housing is normally made up of some type of molded plastic, but can be made out of any type of insulator material (e.g. ceramics). Terminal pins...
  • Ethernet Cables-Image
    Ethernet Cables - (317 companies)
    How to Select Ethernet Cables. Ethernet cables are designed to support Ethernet, a standard protocol for the connection of computers in a local area network (LAN). They use twisted pair cables and modular connectors, and are designed to run at 10...
    VGA Cables - (66 companies)
    VGA cables use three-row, 15-pin video graphics array (VGA) adapters to connect video and computer monitors, video cards, and some high definition televisions (HDTV). They carry analog signals rather than digital signals, including RGBHV and VESA...
    PV Ribbon - (12 companies)
    PV ribbon collects current from photovoltaic cells. PV tabbing or interconnect ribbon carries the current from the solar cells to the PV bus wire or PV busbar ribbon. PV ribbon is a hot-dip tinned copper conductor that collects current from...
    Spring Pins - (105 companies)
    Spring pins are hollow dowel pins manufactured from spring steel. Types. There are two main types of products: coiled. slotted. Coiled spring pins are made of spring steel or another metal, and are coiled into a hollow cylindrical shape. Roll pins...
    Dowel Pins - (191 companies)
    Dowel pins are industrial fasteners that are used to assemble two or more items together. They are short, cylindrical rods. The dowel pins can be tapered, slotted, grooved, or otherwise altered to change its mechanical properties. They are commonly...
    Computer Cables - (291 companies)
    ...types of computer. Examples include: Parallel ATA (PATA) cables are used to connect storage devices such as hard drives and CD-ROM drives to a computer's motherboard. These ribbon cables have two or three connectors, only one of which plugs...
    Video Cables - (394 companies)
    ...high-definition multimedia interface, a standard digital audio/video interface protocol. . Ethernet cables are designed to run at 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 1 Gbps. They support the Ethernet network protocol for local area networks (LANs). . Patch cables...

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  • Bill of Materials - NetApp 6600-0834 (E5460)
    Enclosure, Main, Chassis - 71 Pieces Stamped / Formed Electro-Galvanized Steel, w/ 20 Pressed-In Metal Pins, 19 Pressed-In Threaded Metal Inserts, 10 Plastic Guide Tabs, 5 Metal & Plastic Roller Pins , 660 Ball Bearings, 130 Rivets & 92 Clinch Points Wire Harness - 1 6-Conductor Ribbon Cable , 2 Discrete 18AWG Wires, 8 Shielded Pairs 30AWG Wires, w/ 2 SAS Connectors & Flexible Linked Cable Carrier .
    Insert the 10-pin ribbon connector from the programmer into the 10 - pin connector socket corresponding to the FLEX 10K PLD you wish to program; the left connector programs the FLEX 10K10, the right connector programs the FLEX 10K70. Be sure the orientation of the cable in the socket is correct by lining up the notch …
  • 4 A x 10 Gbit/s full-duplex optical link with compact optical sub-assemblies and thin GI 50/125 plastic optical fibre ribbon
    Direct butt-coupling of the four thin POF channels with two VCSELs and two pin -PDs, respectively, minimises signal disturbance and 10 Gbit/s waveform characteristics over 5 m with … … 0.67 UI that should comply with cable requirements and insignificant channel … Both small form factor and high performance make this high-speed optical link together with the thin and flexible POF ribbon very interest- ing for an application in an active optical cable.
  • Direct integration of dense parallel optical interconnects on a first level package for high-end servers
    chip-mounted enclosures (CME) containing the transmitter (TX) or receiver (RX) IC, VCSEL or photodiode array (respectively), parallel wavelength-division multiplexing (PWDM) multiplexer or demultiplexer optics and a lid with alignment pins for connection to the … … of a 12 fiber ribbon cable . A custom single sided flex was used to interconnect the MAUI CME with a 6-by-30 array of 90: 10 Pb:Sn solder balls on 0.5 mm centers, Fig. 6(a).
  • Arduino and Kinect Projects
    Use flexible wrap wire or a 16-wire ribbon cable , preferably; hook- up wire is too sturdy and could strip the PCB connectors off. … those so you can still read the numbers on your scale as depicted in Figure 10 -6. This will be extremely helpful when analyzing the information from the pins .
  • Electromyographic studies of neck muscles in the intact cat
    dered onto a 40- pin saddle connector that was sutured to the lum- bosacral fascia (Hoffer et … A flexible ribbon - cable that did not interfere with normal movements was used to tink the connector to a distribution panel that fed the signal-processing electronics. … 5000 Hz bandwidth and recorded on an 18-track FM tape recorder (DC- 10 kHz bandwidth) along …
  • Development of the HAWC far-infrared camera for SOFIA
    Fig. 10 is a diagram of the data electronics subsystem showing the flow of data through the system from the output of the cold JFET preamplifiers in the detector assembly to the fiber optic cable that connects to the instrument control computer. The analog signals from the 384 individual bolometers (buffered by cold JFET source-follower amplifiers) are fanned out from six 150- pin connectors (two for each of three JFET drawers in the detector assembly) through six flexible printed circuit board assemblies to … … 12 cryogenic cables constructed from twisted pairs of manganin wires woven into Kevlar ribbons [7] and terminated …
  • Practical Arduino
    1 to 2 meters 8-core flexible cable 1 x Locosys LS20031 GPS module (GPS-08975 from SparkFun) 1 x 4- pin PCB-mount oriented … 10 cm ribbon cable .
  • Advanced Materials for Integrated Optical Waveguides
    Using industry-standard fiber- ribbon cables and multi-fiber connectors, typically with a mechanical transfer ferrule, as well as VCSEL and PIN photodiode arrays, commercially feasible multichannel data links can be implemented with very high aggregate data rates. … channels are used, and data links have been presented with channel bit-rates up to 10 Gb/s. In optical backplane systems, flexible fiber laminates and optical shuffle components are utilized in order to handle …
  • SemCor (\
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