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    Inventory Control Software - (130 companies)
    Inventory control software is used to manage stock levels, record physical inventories, and track trends in item movement and location. Inventory control involves supervising the supply, storage, and accessibility of stock items, both to ensure...
  • Organic Chemicals-Image
    Organic Chemicals - (1509 companies)
    Organic chemicals are chemical compounds that contain carbon in their molecular structure. How to Select Organic Chemicals. Organic chemicals are chemical compounds that contain carbon as part of their molecular structure. Other elements...
  • Scales and Balances-Image
    Scales and Balances - (941 companies)
    ...that should not affect its performance. Extreme temperatures, excessive moisture, and exposure to chemicals, corrosives, and vibration may require a more robust scale. Draft shield -- Sensitive scales may require a polycarbonate cover to prevent air currents...
  • Plating Chemicals and Anodizing Chemicals-Image
    Plating Chemicals and Anodizing Chemicals - (104 companies)
    Plating chemical and anodizing chemicals include metal salts, formula additives, and other consumables for the electrodeposition, electroless plating, electroplating and anodized layer formation. Plating chemicals and anodizing chemicals include...
    Retail Software - (39 companies)
    Retail software is used by small-to-medium size businesses to calculate taxes, manage inventory, run payroll, and determine pricing. Users include point of sales (POS) stores, retail outlets, and warehouses. Types of Retail Software. There are two...
    Chemical Pumps - (552 companies)
    Chemical pumps are designed for applications requiring greater reliability and durability than conventional pumps. Chemical pumps are designed to move and withstand chemicals and chemical slurries. They are designed and constructed to handle...
    Chemical Testing Services - (457 companies)
    Chemical testing services test, analyze, and certify a wide range of chemicals for purity, chemical compatibility, and environmental impact. Chemical testing services test, analyze, and certify a wide range of chemicals for purity, chemical...
    Chemical Water Treatment Equipment - (206 companies)
    Chemical water treatment equipment mitigates the formation of scale, calcium carbonate deposits, in process water systems such as cooling towers, boilers and heat exchangers by controlled chemical addition and system monitoring. Chemical water...
    Chemical Process and Petrochemical Gases - (90 companies)
    Chemical process and petrochemical gases are materials used in the production of compounds or products. They are used in processes such as inerting, blanketing, purging, sparging, and stripping. These gases are used in many applications including...
    Accounting Software - (77 companies)
    ...such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance. Accounting software may also include modules for general ledger, billing, stock or inventory, and sales and purchase orders. Additional accounting software modules may include debt...

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  • Modeling process and material alternatives in life cycle assessments
    facilitated by the use of sub- inventories (or as a complete LCI within an LCI) for process … in capturing additional process and material alternatives for end prod- ucts modeled within LCA databases and software . .... Computers and Chemical Engineering 23 1509–1526 [2] Azapagic A, Clift R (1999): Life Cycle Assessment as a .... Chemical Engineering Jour- nal 73, 1–21 [4] Flinn RA, Turban E (1970): Decision Tree Analysis for Industrial…
  • An investigation of the measurement, fixturing, and trimming of large sheet metal parts
    Conventional stretchforming requires a solid die for each unique part produced, resulting in large tooling inventories . .... Moreover, the tooling requires considerable factory floor and storage space ( Flinn , 1997). .... The tool design and control system consists of finite element simulation software coupled with a system identification .... Other topics include operations performed after forming such as fixturing, trimming, and chemical milling.
  • Decontamination of metals by melt refining/slagging. An annotated bibliography: Update on stainless steel and steel
    Methods for Calculation of Radionuclide Inventories in Contaminated BWR Systems", Report RM 91-59, ABB-Atom, Vasteras .... Miller W E , Welch J.M., Flinn J.E., "UraniumRecovery from a Nuclear Fuel Waste Form," .... Morris A.E., Stephenson J.B., "Computer Software for Chemical and ExtractiveMetallurgy Calculations," 1993Apr., JOM, Apr., 1993.
  • Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union Volume 93, Number 3, 17 January 2012
    These maps, derived from combining remote sensing and ground plots, aim to be more accurate than current inven- tory approaches when applied at local and regional scales. .... the biomass product ease of use and low costs (including costs of hardware, software , and analysis requirements). .... in plume modeling and nonlinear interactions between trans- port and mixing processes and chemical reactions be incorporated .... Edward A. Flinn III Award .
  • Interspecific differences in determinants of plant distribution in industrially polluted areas: Endogenous spatial autocorrelation vs. environmental parameters
    …is one of the leading factors limiting plant distribution (Aiba et al. 2012; Flinn et al. 2010 .... Chemical pollution and deforestation resulted in the disturbance of soil hydrological regime in the studied territory (Kaigorodova .... Between 62 and 75 sampling plots at each site were inventoried , with a maximum distance between sample … correlation matrix on concentra- tions of heavy metals and nutrient elements using the software package psych v…
  • Encyclopedia of Membranes
    …morphology analysis of platelets adhered to the surface of the membranes is carried out by imaging software . .... American Chemical Society, Wash- ington, DC, USA Courtney JM, Lamba NM, Sundaram S, Forbes CD. .... In: Flinn JE (ed) Membrane science and tech- nology. .... combine extraction and stripping into a sin- gle process, thus reducing the solvent inventory requirement and then…
  • Encyclopedia of Aquatic Ecotoxicology
    (2002) Inventory of marine biotest methods for the evaluation of dredged material and sediments. .... comparing the sensitivity of protozoans with other organisms and QSAR studies of organic chemicals (Nezteva and Schultz .... information can be easily obtained using commercial or free software . .... Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 206:365 Odum EP, Flinn JT, Franz EH .
  • Forest ecology
    In: Raison RJ, forest Brown AG, Flinn DW (Hrsg) sustainable to Criteria and of indicators for management. .... R (1976) tensiometer measurements for determination of the bodenabhängigen components of the water balance of forest stands . .... Jacobsen C Meiwes KJ, New York, Rademacher P, Meesenburg H, contents of (2003) chemical elements in tree .... Complexity-its stood definition and measurement for MjM software design Bauhus J Forest and woodland, Gleneden Beach McElhinny C, gibbons P, Brack C (2005), structural.
  • Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals 3 Volume Set
    ECDIN is the data repository for the European chemical substances inventory (EINECS) and is especially good for toxicological data; it also has chemical property data that are claimed to be evaluated and validated by experts. .... can distinguish among isomers; however, the user must consult the indicated references, as software is not yet .... F. P. Flinn and N. E. Jarvic, Proc. Soc.
  • Tropical Forestry Handbook
    …adjust these ideas to the precise site conditions and to apply the necessary software available in this … salinity can be caused by natural weathering, acid neutralization by carbonates, additions of chemicals in the milling … of the data on tree species diversity in tropical moist forests comes from inventories of tree species .... In: Raison RJ, Brown AG, Flinn DW (eds) Criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management.