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    Anchors - (493 companies)
    Description Anchors are mechanical fasteners that attach an object to a support structure. Types Some common types of anchors include: Concrete anchors - Concrete anchors or anchor bolts are screw-bolt fastening...
    Fastener Material Strength
    Hole Size (Diameter)
    Piers and Docks - (37 companies)
    ...sectional docks. roll-in docks. floating docks. floating-boat docks. aluminum docks. steel docks. Other types of unlisted piers and docks may also be available. Applications. Depending on the principal purpose, piers and docks may have several...
    Buoys and Floats - (68 companies)
    ...which remain anchored in place, these drifting buoys are allowed to float in ocean currents while their position is determined by satellite. Tsunami buoys are fixed-location devices that are designed to detect sudden changes in underwater sea...
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    Platforms and Walkways - (384 companies)
    Platforms and walkways are equipment access structures that enable regular maintenance and inspection activites at elevated workspaces. Systems incorporate structural supports, walking surface decking or planks, framing, hardware, and accessories such as handrails, access gates, stairs, ladders, and kick plates.
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    Dock Equipment - (427 companies)
    Dock equipment covers all items that assist in the loading and unloading of materials from trucks to buildings. Dock equipment categories include dock boards, dock bumpers, dock seals, dock levelers, dock lights, dock shelters, dock doors, dock...
    Dock Lifts - (106 companies)
    Dock lifts are platforms used to raise and lower material, personnel and workpieces for loading and positioning. Dock lifts (docklifts) are work platforms used to raise and lower material, personnel, and workpieces for loading and positioning...
    Lifts - (1624 companies)
    ...for working or storage activities. They generally have a lower maximum weight capacity then other types of lifts, and are usually ringed by safety devices and supports to protect those working while on them. Dock lifts - Dock lifts are used to raise...
    Framing Anchors, Hangers, and Ties - (96 companies)
    Framing anchors, framing hangers and framing ties are used for anchoring rafters and trusses to plates, floor and ceiling joists to headers, and solid blocking to plates. Framing anchors, framing hangers, and framing ties are used for anchoring...
    Cordage, Rope, and Webbing - (373 companies)
    Cordage, rope and webbing are made of many natural and/or synthetic fibers that are twisted and/or braided or woven into a length.
    Cement, Concrete, and Mortar - (603 companies)
    Cement, concrete and mortar are polymer or cement-based binders, compounds or aggregate mixtures for joining components and forming structures.

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