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  • Go with the flow
    Graphical data-flow techniques are particularly helpful when perfecting embedded controls for real-world processes. LabView follows a data flow-based model for running virtual instruments. A block diagram node executes when all its inputs are available. When a node completes execution, it supplies
  • Mass Flow Meters
    (R) mass flow meter line uses the science of particle acceleration and its resultant forces to measure flow rate and total weight at accuracies of +/- 0.5%. Space efficiency and overall reliability make Multicor (R) an ideal choice for feeding, measuring and batching applications involving
  • Methods of Modulating Air Flow
    . They vary substantially, however, in the savings bonus they return. Using louvers to choke off air flow can increase the horsepower and noise level due to higher pressure and air turbulence. No bonus here!. Automatic fan hubs will provide full horsepower savings resulting from the lower CFM and Total
  • Carton Flow at 10 Below
    management turned to Span-Track by Unex for carton flow. Span-Track was already being used in small quantities with great success at Smart & Final's Los Angeles facility and in their deli operation at their Miami facility. With Port Stockton's approximately 2800 items stocked in the freezer area
  • Flow Solder Machines
    MTS Temposonics position feedback sensors are seeing more and more use in electronics production applications like wafer handling, chip inspection and automated board assembly. One example of this is position feedback for PC board guides in a flow solder machine. Here, higher throughput is achieved
  • How Does a Thermal Flow Meter Work?
    An insertion-type (immersible) thermal flow meter works by measuring the total mass flow rate of air/gas flowing through a pipe or duct. In a thermal flow meter†TMs simplest working configuration, gas flows past a heated velocity sensor and a temperature sensor. Instrument electronics work
  • A Standard for Users and Manufacturers of Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meters
    Thermal dispersion mass flowmeters comprise a family of instruments for the measurement of the total mass flow rate of a fluid, primarily gases, flowing through closed conduits.
  • Balancing A Variable Flow Water System Will Ruin the Control System
    . If the pump is not sized for the sum of total coil loads, then each coil balancing valve is adjusted for proportional flow. For example, if the pump will handle 80% of the total coil load, then each coil would be balanced for 80% of the specified coil G.P.M.

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