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  • Vaulter Clinical dictionary
    …receiving; radiography Naltivlprälpalrat nt without contrast medium (E native preparation): colorless and nichtfixiertes tissue preparation NATO-storage f (E NATO position): Syn: stable side storage; mounting on the side Naltrilum to the aspiration … g] in beverages and food ; s.a. electrolyte balance. .... Sodium bicarbonicum: →Natriumbicarbonat sodium chloratum: →Natriumchlorid Naltrilumlallgilnat nt (E sodium alginates): Syn: algin; sodium salt of the Alginsäure✫; s.u. alginate Naltrilumlanltalgolnislten pl (E sodium antagonists): class -I-Antiarrhythmika; s.u. Antiarrhythmikum … sodium hydroxide solution sodium-potassium- pump f: →Na+/K+-ATPase…
  • States > Massachusetts > State > Regulations > 105 - Department of Public Health > [105 CMR 533] 533 - Fish and Fishery Products
    (3) Filleting areas shall be equipped with a hand -wash sink supplied with adequate hot and cold .... (4) The use of any mechanical pumps to move water shall be constructed of food grade materials.
  • Arsenic Contamination in Soil and Sediment in India: Sources, Effects, and Remediation
    …actions are required from mining, metal smelting and refining, combus- tion of low- grade coal, pesticide use .... Most importantly, in these As affected with high groundwater arsenic, action is needed to reduce the intake of arsenic from drinking water and food [64, 130], which may include provi … low-arsenic water sources by painting hand pumps in different colors (e…
  • Construction of sicherheitsgerechter products
    Maschinen der  Druckvorstufe, Mai 2011 Teil 3: Schneidemaschinen, Juni 2010 Teil 4: Buchbinderei-, Papierverarbeitungs- und Papierverede- lungsmaschinen, Dezember 2010 Teil 5: Wellpappenerzeugungs-, Flach- und Wellpappenverar- beitungsmaschinen .... Teil 3: Prüfstandverfahren zur Messung der Emissionsrate ei- nes bestimmten luftverunreinigenden Stoffes, September 2009 Teil 4: Erfassungsgrad eines Absaugsystems − Traceverfahren,  September 2009 Teil 6: Masseabscheidegrad, diffuser Auslass, November 2008 Teil 7: Masseabscheidegrad, definierter Auslass, November 2008 Teil 8…
  • Construction of sicherheitsgerechter products
    …part 5: Wellpappenerzeugungs-, flat and corrugated cardboard processing machines, November 2010 EN 1012 "compressors and vacuum pumps − safety requirements" part 1: compressors, May 2007 part 2: vacuum pumps , February 2010 part 3 … 2009 EN 1033 " hand -poor-vibrations − laboratory … certain's luftverunreinigenden material, September 2009 part 3: test bench method for the measurement of the emission rate of a certain's luftverunreinigenden material, September 2009 part 4: detection degree of an aspirating system − … configuration and construction of chucks for the workpiece receiving…
  • Clutch in medical and dietary load of the hereditary diseases of the metabolism
    The pocket filled with its volume of milk, the nurse purges the tube and installs it on the pump Kangaroo ®, if the nutrient is préconditionné in flask, the nurse uses the tube adapted into product and purges it. .... thereby that the delivery to zero of the volumes passed previously to the level of the pump. .... After the putting into road of it NOT, the nurse washes hands .
  • Development tendencies of vacuum pumps for the Grob‐ and fine vacuum technique. Developing of trend of vacuum of pump for the roughly and fine vacuum technology
    So, screw vacuum pumps with rotary pumps, claw vacuum pumps with rotary pumps only also liquid ring pumps with rotating piston vacuum pumps or liquid ring pumps with side channel machines of gases advantageously ölfreier for vacuum pump combinations for the suction .... It steps with the enlarged application width in particular in the microelectronics, in the food and package industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry further first with the target positions of higher vacuum, larger sucking volume flows and improved efficiencies .
  • The world of pumps
    The sucking stage is integrated according to the side channel principle constructed in the step housing of the multistage pump and can be installed even subsequently. .... also provides pumps of rolled steel and has happened of the milk and food sector in the…
  • States > Ohio > State > Proposed Regulations > 2010 Documents > November 19‚ 2010 > [2010 OH Proposed oh-20101119-0021-0002070] 3701-28 - Private Water S...
    (4) Any submersible pump motor lubricants and vertical turbine shaft lubricants used shall be United States drug administration (USDA) or food and drug administration (FDA) approved food contact grade formulations or ANSI/NSF standard sixty-one. .... (M) The installation of hand pumps shall comply with the following: .
  • States > Michigan > State > Regulations > Environmental Quality > Chapter 325 > Water Resources Division > [MAC R 325d1601] Groundwater Quality Control Rules
    (5) Submersible pump motor lubricants and vertical turbine shaft lubricants shall be USDA- or FDA-approved food contact grade formulations. .... R 325.1653a Pump installation; hand pumps.