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  • The Influence of Package on Quality Guarantee Period
    of package realized by people in the original period is its resistance to all or part of the impaction and damage of external forces. Later it was discover that package is able to prolong quality guarantee period of some products (for example, food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals). The research
  • The Application of Permeability Test in Dairy Package
    network of their own. However, as the sale conditions are different, it is difficult to secure dairy food being stored in stable environment (even to fresh milk, preserving it in cold environment all the way is rather difficult). Therefore, the influence of dairy package on product quality is very
  • Package Shelf-Life Studies Using OxySense Non-Invasive Oxygen Measurement Instrumentation (.pdf)
    The measurement of oxygen ingress into sealed packages is a very important parameter. for the Food Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries. The oxidation of the packaged. product causes many problems such as decrease in shelf live, loss of flavor, discoloration. and the effectiveness of the packaged
  • Functions and Services of Labthink Lab-Barrier Property Lab
    of food package materials.
  • Package molders embrace electric-injection technology
    in the packaging industry because it is usually more productive than hydraulic injection molding. And while the purchase price is comparable to hydraulic packaging injection machines, electric injection molding offers considerable energy savings. As a result, whether it is closures, cups, or buckets
  • Functions and Services of Labthink Lab - Chromatographic Analysis Lab
    Abstract: this article presents a detail introduction to the method and necessity of residue test of complex package. At the same time, it provides the functions and service items of Labthink chromatographic Analysis Lab. The security of polymer materials applied in food package has always been one
  • Packing Functions and Relevant Test of Nitrogen Gas
    that the content of nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide and other gases within inner package could also impose influences to the content, with food and medicine being the most sensitive. For the reason that gas density of oxygen, carbon dioxide and so on can cause quality deterioration of food and medicine
  • Heat Sealing Technology and Important Testing Indexes
    of daily chemical products, food and medicine. Since leakage usually appears in the heat-sealing place of package during the process of product filling. And most of the disruption in actual using also appears in the heat-sealing part. The proper choosing of heat-sealing material and heat-sealing

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