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  • Medical Device Link .
    of tests and their parameters. HOW EXTENSIVE SHOULD TESTS BE? A firsthand measurement of what happens physiologically is the best starting point. For orthopedic applications, this means combined force plate and
  • Fluid Motors
    are restrained at one end by an angled plate: As they bear against the plate, they generate a rotating force that may either twist the plate or the barrel in which the pistons are rotated. In most designs, the shaft is driven directly from either the barrel or the cam plate; in a few hydraulic motors
  • Characterizing a rapid thermal annealing process to improve sensor yield
    of the applied force. This center plate is suspended in space by tethers that are under tensile stress in order to prevent buckling. As the center plate moves relative to the top and bottom plates, the capacitance of the adjacent plates changes according to the standard capacitor equation represents the gap
  • Weighing Single Atoms?
    two electrodes above a silicon plate. A nanometer is roughly the length of three silicon atoms side by side. The tube hangs like a chain between two posts in a curve called a catenary. A voltage potential between the tube and underlying plate creates a mutual electrostatic force: An ac voltage
  • MICRO: green mfg
    - alent to fresh slurries. All polishing experiments were performed on 100-mm thermally grown SiO wafers using a scaled version of a 472 polisher from SpeedFam-IPEC (now Novellus Systems, San Jose). Details of the experimental apparatus are described elsewhere. To measure the shear force between
  • Vibratory Screen Cleaning Methods Improve Screening Efficiencies and Save Money
    , normally a perforated metal plate. The rings are bounced vertically into the screen mesh by the vertical motion of the separator as they travel radially around the screen. The sliders are activated by the motion of the separator with out additional driving force.
  • Give glue a go
    , and corrosion, explains Scelzi Shop Foreman Jose Villa. The switch to Lord Engineered Adhesives not only seals the cabs from the environment, it cut 3 hr from the prep and painting process, improved truck appearance by eliminating weld marks, and did away with 100 rivets attaching aluminum diamond plate
  • Designers introduction to FEA
    Most introductory classes in finite-element analysis probably breeze over the details that would explain exactly what the software is doing and why. An industrial robot and car engine (engine block not shown) are both mechanisms. The chart classifies FEA problems in solid mechanics. The base plate

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