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  • Metal Balls-Image
    Metal Balls - (121 companies) a series of steps. First, bar stock pieces are forged into rough ball shapes or preforms. The forging flash is removed by rough machining or soft grinding. For some steel balls, hardening is achieved through a quench and tempering...
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    Balls and Sphere Shapes - (201 companies)
    ...balls and sphere shapes. Steel and stainless steel balls are often used in bearing and check valve applications. Balls and sphere shapes that are ground from specialty or proprietary metals are useful in applications where high corrosion and heat...
  • Milling and Grinding Media-Image
    Milling and Grinding Media - (67 companies)
    ...excellent resistance to mechanical and thermal shock. Ball milling and grinding media can also use hardened steel balls (shots, beads), which are available in different hardnesses in both high-carbon steel and chrome alloy steel. Linear ball mill grinding...
  • Ceramic Balls-Image
    Ceramic Balls - (70 companies)
    Ceramic balls are spherical, rolling elements that provide higher stiffness, lower thermal expansion, lighter weight, increased corrosion resistance, and higher electrical resistance than steel balls. They are made from a variety of ceramic...
  • Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels-Image
    Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels - (999 companies)
    Carbon steels are steels in which the main alloying additive is carbon. Alloy steels are steels alloyed with other metals or materials in addition to carbon to improve properties. How to Select Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels. Carbon steels...
    Forgings and Forged Stock - (177 companies)
    ...and then rolling and squeezing (or in some cases, pounding) the donut into a thin ring. Ring diameters can be anywhere from a few inches to 30 feet. Forgeable materials include not only carbon and alloy steels, but also non-ferrous alloys of aluminum...
    Tool Steels - (183 companies)
    Tool steels are wear resistant ferrous alloys based on iron and carbon with high levels of alloying elements such as chromium, molybdenum, tungsten and vanadium. How to Select Tool Steels. Tool steels are wear-resistant, ferrous alloys based on iron...
    Grinding Wheels - (510 companies)
    ...on materials such as stainless steel. Synthetic diamond superabrasives are used for grinding nonferrous metals, ceramics, glass, stone, and building materials. Cubic boron nitride (CBN), another type of superabrasive, provides superior grinding...
    Grinders and Grinding Machines - (972 companies)
    Grinders and grinding machines use an abrasive that is bonded to a wheel, belt or disc to remove material and improve surface finish. Devices can be pneumatically driven or powered by a combustion engine or electric motor. Grinders and grinding...
    Precision Grinding Services - (1061 companies)
    ...the other end. Image Credit: efunda. Creep feed grinding is a type of plunge grinding that uses specialized grinding equipment. It is used to produce slots or intricate forms in difficult-to-grind materials such as pre-hardened tool steels...

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