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  • rfRXD0420 Receiver Module
    The rfRXD0420 Receiver Module (see Figure 1) is a low cost, high performance UHF short-range radio ASK receiver design using the Microchip Technology The module design is suitable for: ? Wireless remote command and control ? Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) ? Security systems ? Low power telemetry
  • IR Remote Control Transmitter
    AN1064 IR Remote Control Transmitter receiver. The IR light then travels through the air and is Author: Tom Perme detected at the receiver by a photo-diode. The photo- John McFadden diode is often contained in a complete module which Microchip Technology Inc. demodulates the modulated signal
  • Ready, aim, shoot, send
    is a complex embedded system with a number of components interacting in real time. Central to the system is the control and processing module (CPM). The CPM should have enough memory for processing image data and Flash memory for booting the system on power up. It also must have enough processing
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    is A proportional-integral (PI) controller algorithm is used chosen to be 125 kHz. This frequency was chosen to regulate the LED current to a constant value. The PI based on the selected operating frequency of the MCU controller is executed at a rate of 976 Hz, leaving plenty and the resulting control
  • Product Technology News
    By integrating processes, a combination rubbing/dry-cleaning module for LCD manufacturing reduces substrate handling and conserves cleanroom space. The noncontact cleaning process uses high-frequency waves from an ultrasonic head to eliminate 95% of particles greater-than or equal-to 1 um
  • Constant velocity in positioning systems
    controller/drive module. Constant velocity, = +-1%, while position jitter, m. Note at a 10-kHz sampling rate, jitter frequency = 5 kHz in this case. Precision-positioning systems used for metrology, inspection, printing, DNA assaying, and laser machining are typified by a need for smooth motion
  • AC Technology Introduces Model 940 PositionServo
    and markets a complete range of motion control solutions, including servo drives and motors, clutches and brakes, gears and gear motors and variable frequency AC motor
  • Fundamentals Of Ultrasonic plastic welding
    . A generator supplies the high-frequency electrical energy to the system power module. A cable feeds the power to the converter and the piezoelectric ceramics expand and contract in response to the sinusoidal, high-frequency electrical signal. The titanium cylinder transmits this mechanical vibration

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