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  • Coatings and Torque Tension
    even sense variations in bolt grade. The next best level of assurance, would be in torque control measurement devices. These latter are good but cannot read variations in joint resiliency, coefficients of friction or define bolt grade.
  • Taking torque around corners
    in these devices keep friction losses low and efficiencies high. However, a relatively low torque capacity limits their use. have almost no limitation on misalignment. Some can work when the direction of motion is skewed 180 . Flexible shafts also do a good job of isolating driven-unit vibration from the drive
  • Limited-Angle Torque Motors
    A special type of brushless motor is called a limited-angle torquer (LAT). LATs are constrained to produce torque through a rotation angle of less than 180 . But they are widely used to operate servovalves, direct laser mirrors, position missile-guidance radar antennas, open shutters
  • Torque Limiters Tamer Overloads (.pdf)
    As a machine designer, one of your top priorities should be to protect against operator injury and machinery damage due to overloads. Limiting the torque that can be transmitted through a system is one way to do it. A variety of torque limiters can do the job: from basic shear pins to friction
  • Understanding the Nut Factor in Threaded-Fastener Torque-Tension Relationship
    Engineers use a "nut factor " to relate a bolt's installation torque to the tension on it. But they need to understand the friction-related variables that contribute to the nut factor to accurately design bolted joints. * The experimentally determined nut factor, , consolidates the friction effects
  • Make It Last: Maximizing the Service Life of Industrial Air and Spring Actuated Friction Clutches and Brakes
    Determining how long a friction clutch or brake will last has much to do with application. Cycle rates, revolutions per minute and the air pressure required to produce the torque to drive or stop the load are just a few of the considerations. Assuming the unit has been properly sized
  • Low Cost Automation Tutorial: Regarding Moment of Inertia
    In motion mechanism designs, moment of inertia, angular acceleration, and friction torque may need to be evaluated in order to select actuator's outputs and sizes. Here, we shall get acquainted with some terms that appear in technical discussions of rotating machine elements such as ballscrews
  • How tight is right?
    , the combined under-head and thread friction torque absorbed 80 N-m, leaving about 20 N-m to produce clamp force. Designers typically qualify clamp force of a bolted joint by the amount of torque applied to fasteners holding it, either as they're tightened or after the fact. The approach may be adequate

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