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  • Mutschmann / Stimmelmayr paperback of the water supply
    …German water management 2011, wvgw economy and publisher gas and water mbH, Bonn 2011 The municipal company; New legal form between own operation and GmbH; Kirchgässner A.; Knemeyer F. ; Schulz N.; Boorberg publisher … booklet No. 6.13, 2000 DVGW legal questions in .... VKU Berlin 2009 handbooks cooperations and fusions in the water supply, publishers ministry for environment and traffic … and waste management Munich, Technical university Munich, No. 160, 2000 codes of practice practice water price models, wvgw economy and publisher gas and water mbH April 2013, Bonn, safety : The DVGW-TSM for … management in water distribution systems . gwf water waste water…
  • Subindex 2000
    Trauma and occupational disease 4 · 2000 . .... S442 pharmaceutical budget S426 Atlantookzipitalgelenk 134, 157-atlas-fracture 134, 157, dislocation, 134- fusion 157 outer meniscus … omentalis 174 Bursitis subacromialis 364 BWS, therapy, S160, S364, 249 (authority and organizations with safety tasks), spine. .... Calcitonin 333 Captiulumfraktur S61 of Carpusluxation S211 CARS (compensatory anti-inflammatory response syndromes) 220 CASPER S23 Cassebaum criteria 288 cephalosporins 216 CFU- F (colony forming unit-fibroblast) 211 Chondromalazie S152 … joint replacement S38 -, - Minimally invasive S438 -, - navigation systems S23 -, - spine surgery S31…
  • Corporate governance
    …Dynamics of Strategic Maneuvering, New York 1994 Dabenport L., T./Prusak (1998): what they know runs Working knowledge-How organizations Boston 1998 Daellenbach D.C., H.G./McNickle (2005): management Science M.J., Decision Making Through of system Thinking, Basingstoke / New … General industrial management in programmed form, S. 17-112 Diedrich, R. (2003): The safety equivalent method of … risks of the future development in the situation report, in: WPg D., 52. Jg. S. 445-455, 1999, Dörner ( 2000 ): cooperation vonAufsichtsrat undWirtschaftsprüfer in … 2000, Dörner D./Kreuzig F. / Stäudel, H.W … G./Sattler (2002): information fusion on heterogeneous data stocks…
  • The European Union as legally-institutional player in the system of the United Nations
    472 Vgl. with further details Nuttall S. 247, European Foreign Policy, 2000 . .... and Functioning of the EPC / CFSP, in: Regelsberger/de Schoutheete de Tervarent/Wessels (ed.) S. 67, Foreign Policy of the European of Union, 1997 (76 ff.); rule berger, That common ground outside and security policy of the EU … S. 59, 2007 (68 f. ). .... C. Participation of the EU / EG in the UN system . .... Ainsi, malgré la of fusion l'une s'occupant of the affaires of économiques et, certains groupes continuent à être divisés en deux sections, l'autre of the problèmes of politiques " 477.
  • The political systems of Southeast Asia
    …has as in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam or Laos the singapurische military neither that is removed from sources of income the from access and from the control of the government, nor is the military a relevant economic player (tan 2011, S. 153 f. ). .... While the first model of the primate of the party over the military, the integration of the army into the party structures as well as the fusion of military and political elites at all levels of the party organization is embossed, the … members of armed forces and they may stand not for political offices (Huxley 2000 , S. 242; tan .... Furthermore, the SAF is the part of an ausdifferenzierten, civilly guided safety sector with an united command system and a resource use effective after general Dafürhalten under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense.