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  • Strain Gage Pressure Transducer
    Pressure transducers use a variety of sensing devices to provide an electrical output proportional to applied pressure. The sensing device employed in the transducer under discussion is bonded, metal foil strain gages. The strain gage, because of its unique set of operational characteristics, has
  • Smart Computing Article - Photos & Video
    September 2000 Vol.6 Issue 9 Page(s) 127-131 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Become A Connoisseur Behind The Scenes Expert Tips From . . .Chris Gage Chris Gage, North American ScanJet trainer for Hewlett-Packard ( ), has some tips to pass on to scanner users. *When taking data from
  • Avoiding Noise Errors in Torque Sensing Systems
    When introduced in 1963, Himmelsteins' MCRT (R) non-contact torque meters set a new standard for noise-free measurements. They retained the best features of slip ring devices high quality strain gage sensing, static and dynamic response, almost unlimited configuration flexibility and accuracy
  • CFD builds a more efficient pulp chopper
    . Egan first developed a simplified rotor-performance model to screen rotor configurations for analysis. It captured the effects of rotor geometry such as diameter and vane-sweep angle. Although simplified assumptions limit prediction accuracy, analyses can still gage relative capabilities of new
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    from the customer's facility to the trailer. Material is then pumped to the centrifuge, producing real-time results onsite. This enables customers to make informed decisions by observing actual feed rates, cut points and solids dryness. "We come right to the customer's location and set up
  • Harley parts go RP
    . ( ), to build or "print " the parts directly from 3D CAD models. "The parts give customers a subtle way to make their bikes stand out, " says shop partner Brian Klock. "We've used the RP machine to fabricate components ranging from a complete gage housing to hold a tach, shift light, and speedometer