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  • Determination of the Oscillation Safety Factor (OSF)
    To ensure a reliable operation of a crystal oscillator circuit, the oscillation safety factor (OSF). is worth to take a closer look at. The oscillation safety factor (OSF) shows the feedback gain. margin of the oscillator amplifier for a worst case crystal according to its specification.
  • The Fear Factor vs. Open Communications
    , quality, safety and tech transfer, the thinking goes, and good things will happen. A growing number of pharmaceutical manufacturers are engaging operators and technicians, quality and training staffers in a dialogue concerning how operations might be improved. In the process, these companies gain
  • Trim and Draw with Variable Speed Drives
    speed reference source, to become the overall speed reference. This trim signal can be another analog signal such as a process interface, internally generated drive parameter such as output current, some other drive's speed feedback, or the output from an outer PI1 loop. Typically a scaling factor
  • Analysis and Design of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers - Preface
    . These simplified models can evaluate the dominant factors that control the polarization properties of VCSELs. It must be noted that the investigation of VCSELs using cold cavity approximations is not realistic. This is so because most of the measurable data, such as threshold current, lasing wavelength
  • 3E Strategies - news
    Air leakage, or "infiltration " in building terms, is a major source of unwanted heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Window and door openings are the most common locations of significant air leakage. A Good planning and good products can solve the problem. A. A well designed window takes
  • Unified Optical Scanning Technology - Preface
    arts and sounds, utilizing an arranged timed series of pixels, pels, or voxels. This temporal factor is of basic interest, for it allows (via the optical/electrical transducer --modulator and detector), efficient electronic processing. It is because of this fundamental flexibility that optical
  • CAE Inside of CAD Ups the Ante
    Many readers are probably already familiar with the idea of CAE working side by side or inside CAD. Such arrangements let engineers gain early insight into designs to improve product quality and cut product-development time, effort, and cost. The best case is CAE that fits tightly with 3D CAD
  • High-resolution CMOS imaging detector
    resolution required for the targeted interventional mammography. application. Direct coupling to the scintillator and a pixel fill factor of more than 80% leads to high DQE over a large range. of exposure values. The detector exhibits very low dark current of about 30 pA/cm2 at room temperature, which
  • Direct-drive motors: Fast And Accurate
    . Direct-drive motors provide a large diameter mounting surface and eliminate belts, transmissions, and couplings to reduce windup and compliance. Removing the compliance lets the system remain stable under higher controller-gain settings. Traditional high-performance rotary machines such as tables, robots
  • Optimizing Automation Project Management: Best Practices from Baxter
    By Steven Gorsler, Baxter Healthcare, and Tony Gansen and Luiz Correa, Emerson Process Management In pharmaceutical industry automation project management, every minute counts. Any new drug has only a limited time to capture a market, gain a following among physicians and extract maximum value from
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    tilt wireless apps toward SiP The availability of SiP design tools that address the specific problems of wireless design is one factor. TSMC, Samsung to gain
  • Inside GSK s New RFID Pilot
    authenticate the product, which, according to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, is one of the 32 drugs most susceptible to counterfeiting or diversion. Another obvious benefit will be for the company to gain a better understanding of how to implement RFID and capture its myriad business

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