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  • WRAP Module 1 sampling strategy and waste characterization alternatives study
    Packaging - The following containers were used f o r disposal of TRU waste generated a t the 231-2 f a c i l i t y : DOT 17C o r 17H galvanized 55-gal drums; plywood boxes coated w i t … Some items were disposed of or stored without additional packaging, such as trucks , flatbeds, compactors, 1oadl uggers … … of waste generated during routine operations included contaminated ‘materials and equipment (such as tool s, gl ove …
  • Transport and storage logistics
    There they are of cardboard, wood, galvanized or lacquered steel sheet as well as of colored plastics. Boxes and small containers can properties have like e.g. stackable, ineinander nestable impact and are stossfest … To the not bodenunterfahrbaren belong to transport and to storage auxiliary (image 3.3): x stacks and visual box (with spez. stroke car under stack edge liftable) x, grid, wire and … … g., Tray, basket, bag, barrel box, tonne, box, tool carrier.
    … picture equipment, or similar products Machines, business, including typewriters, accounting machines, calculators, card-counting equipment, or similar products Machine tools , including metal lathes, metal … … enameling, japanning, lacquering, laminating, galvanizing , or similar processes Metal … … including envelopes, stationery, bags, boxed shipping containers, bulk goods … … Tools or hardware, including bolts, nuts, screws, doorknobs, drills, or similar products Toys Trucking terminals or motor …
  • The Marysville, Montana, Geothermal Project: Specifications for Drilling the Deep Geothermal Research Well
    … round point No. 0 Lady or equal) 2 - pulaskis 1 - 3-gallon standard galvanized metal or fiberglass … The tool box is t o mour.tcd on the equipment if possible; otherwise, it must be within 100 feet of the machine at all times when in operation. Trucks , Busses, Pickups, Panels, Service Trucks, or Similar .
    LA8ORATORIESAND INSPECTIONEQUIPMENT 701 Ceromc Lobomtory Apporotus 702 Eleclricol Lobordory Apporotus 705 Boxes 706 Fuchsine Equipment 707 PUNm … 711 Trucks .all cloyor,e-; 812 Wheelburmwsond Tools 813 Oils ond Woste 814 fitpress GALVANIZING EQUIPMENT 1001 RumblinQ EQuiDmenf .
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    … had to be replaced"'). g(102977822,'the outermost covering of a pneumatic tire'). g(102977936,'a public building for gambling and entertainment'). g(102978055,'small and often ornate box for holding jewels or … … bottom of furniture or trucks or portable machines to … … the center of something else (as on a table)'). g(102994573,'a tool with a conical … … poultry'). g(103016511,'farm where chickens are raised for sale'). g(103016609,'a galvanized wire network with …