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  • PCMCIA Card Readers and Writers-Image
    PCMCIA Card Readers and Writers - (21 companies)
    PCMCIA card readers and PCMCIA card writers allow a user to transfer data from or to a host computer to or from a PCMCIA card. These products derive their names from the Personal Computer Memory Card Association (PCMCIA), the organization...
  • ID Card Readers and Encoders-Image
    ID Card Readers and Encoders - (140 companies)
    ID card readers and ID card encoders are used to transmit personal information onto various forms of storage media and retrieve this data as needed. ID card readers and ID card encoders are used to transmit personal information onto various forms...
  • Smart Card Chips-Image
    Smart Card Chips - (27 companies)
    ...a microprocessor and memory offer the greatest degree of versatility, the majority of smart cards are memory-only devices. Types. There are three basic types of smart card chips: Contact chips are read by an independent card reader and conform to ISO 7816...
  • PCMCIA Memory Cards-Image
    PCMCIA Memory Cards - (29 companies)
    PCMCIA memory cards and storage cards are used to add memory (RAM, SRAM, Flash, etc.) and/or storage capacity (hard disks, CD-ROM, etc.) to computers. PCMCIA is an acronym for the Personal Computer Memory Card Association, the organization which...
    RFID Readers - (145 companies)
    RFID readers are devices which interrogate, identify, and amend RFID tags through the use of short-range radio signals. RFID tags assign a unique electronic identity to a physical asset. RFID tags assign a unique electronic identity to a physical...
    Memory Modules - (335 companies)
    Memory modules are computer chips used to add memory to a computer. Memory modules are computer chips used to add memory to a computer. There are two basic distinctions of memory. One is volatile memory where the data is lost as soon as power...
    PC Card Connectors - (84 companies)
    ...and maintained by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), a U.S. computer industry trade organization. Known originally as PCMCIA or PCMCIA cards, PC cards were designed for computer storage expansion. They are now used as network...
    Microplate Readers - (85 companies)
    Microplate readers are designed to scan, analyze and obtain numerical results from chemical reactions conducted within microplates. Microplate readers scan, analyze, and obtain numerical results from chemical reactions conducted within microplates...
    Magnetic Stripe Readers and Magnetic Stripe Encoders - (100 companies)
    ...high-coercivity cards. A low-coercivity magnetic stripe writer may write to only low-coercivity cards. Most modern magnetic stripe card readers and encoders support the bi-directional reading of single, dual, and triple track magnetic cards. Features...
    Memory Chips - (522 companies)
    Memory chips are internal storage areas in computers. Although the term "memory chip " commonly refers to a computer's random access memory (RAM), this product area includes many different types of electronic data storage. Computer memory stores...

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  • FS: PC Hardware, Some Mac compatible Hardware, some ipod stuff - MacRumors Forums
    Sony USB memory stick reader /writer - $12 shipped gamecube + games + memory card + controller - $100 shipped .
  • Game Accessories for PS3 Bluetooth Blu-Ray Remote Control from Shenzhen Swei Electronics Co., Ltd. , China
    Amplifier, Blank Records & Tapes, Cables, Camera Accessories, Car Audio, Car Communications, Car Reversing Aid, Car Video, Card Readers , Cassette Recorder & Player, CD Player, Chargers, Consumer Electronics Agents, Consumer Electronics Stocks, Digital Batteries   Less... Its products vary in accessories of Wii, XBOX360, XBOX, PS3, PS2, PSP2000, PSP, GameCube , NDSL, GBA, GBC, GBA SP, etc., such as controllers, light guns, dancing blankets, wireless series, remotes, memory cards, converting cases, cables, console cases, chargers, battery kits, Wii work …
  • Encyclopedia of Multimedia
    Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox, Sega’s Dreamcast, Nintendo’s GameCube are well known pro- ducts that had a great … … Explorer, etc.) connects to an SSL-compliant Website (e.g. to sub- mit a credit card payment). With declining memory prices, shrinking hard drive sizes, and significant advances in compres- sion technologies, there is … We refer the interested reader to [3] for details.
  • Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction Design and Usability
    … unlike XBOX 360 and PS3, the Wii can only play Wii discs and Gamecube discs and resolution … Each element is listed on a separate card and this complete set of eight elements is then … … support [2] , and these problems are especially critical for elders due to their reduced working memory capacity. … were used, no significant differences were found between the old and the young readers , while the young …
  • Architecture of Computing Systems - ARCS 2006
    Card , S.K., Newell, A., Moran, T.P.: The Psychology of Human-Computer Inter- action. They provide 128 kB self-programming flash program memory , 4 kB SRAM, 4 kB EEPROM, and 8 … … middleware software was represented by a notebook computer, to which a mobile RFID reader and antenna were … … in mass production for example Sony’s Playstation 2, EZchip’s NP-1c network processor[11] and Nintendo’s GameCube .
  • Current Trends in Database Technology – EDBT 2006
    Franz checks the certificate, reveals his credit card information, and closes the deal. We refer the reader to [18] for full details of the syntax and execution semantics of RDFTL … … it is important to keep data on disc and load it into main memory only as needed. The data consists of auction data of three different products: Nintendo GameCube , Sony PlayStation 2, and Microsoft …
  • The History of Visual Magic in Computers
    … 70-employee firm which designed the Flipper graphics chip used in the Nintendo GameCube game console [22]. … GPU products, with a philosophy for aiming for a higher chip size, wider memory interface and much … … not just the chip) resulted in several other gaming innovations including multiple graphics card support (SLI), physics … … first computer terminal was probably the ASR33 Teletype with a printer, punch-tape reader , and puncher, introduced …
  • International Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Secondary Education
    CD-Rom An acronym for Compact Disc – Read-Only Memory . Examples of console systems include Nintendo Wii or GameCube , Sony Playstation, and Microsoft Xbox. … frequency identification (RFID) Technology that transmits information in the form of radio signals from tags to readers . Smart card A plastic card approximately the size of a credit card that holds infor- mation such …
  • Advanced Data Mining and Applications
    Due to space limitation, we refer readers to [3] for more experimental results (including the sensitivity to … … random search costed more than 24 hours on a PC with Pentium IV CPU and 512M memory . Gamecube … acquired by five microphones and feed to a multi-channel data ac- quisition card (National Instruments DAQ …
  • A-level Computing/AQA/Print version/Unit 2 - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    Gamecube But what happens if the bus sending the words from memory to the processor was only 8 … … RGB values have been captured, they can then be stored digitally using SD or compact flash cards . Barcode reader .