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  • White Paper - Thermal Processing Optimization: Using Advanced Rotary Tube Internals to Achieve Operational Improvements
    The use of tube internals in a rotary furnace can increase heat transfer surface area, improve radial mixing, improve gas-solid interactions, control gas flow direction, and even control material dwell time or velocity through the tube. All of these can result in a reduction of residence time
  • Medical Device Link .
    , improvements in gas pressure and flow control enable more-detailed control of process variables. The stand-alone gas unit is wired into the injection molding machine. It uses process signals to time and control the gas-assist process sequence. The gas unit is also linked to a
  • MICRO: Critical Materials
    device geometries is the delivery of gases to the process tools. Controlling gas delivery, in turn, requires accurate flow control devices such as mass-flow controllers (MFCs). Typically, gas delivery is accomplished by means of an MFC located on a process tool among other gas-delivery components. Most
  • Proportional valves eliminate design headaches
    of closed-loop control systems. Proportional valves are a great alternative when an application requires more than on-off control, but not the high precision and expense of servovalves. As such, proportional valves are widely used in a multitude of applications, including the control of gas and air flow
  • Crossflow Scrubber and Air Filtration Pilot System
    This design utilizes stage-wise scrubbing and filtering of gases and contaminants in a compact, easy to maintain package. Inherent in the design is the flexibility to collect a diverse range of contaminants and at a high gas flow turndown (allowing for large swings in the gas volume). Kimre TM
  • MICRO: 2004 Greatest Hits
    water generators. Designed to supply DIO water to single-wafer cleaning tools, the compact and self-contained unit provides ultrapure DIO with a high and accurate ozone concentration at a constant delivery pressure. The unit delivers DIO water with ozone concentrations between 5 and 55 ppm at flow
  • Accumulators handle the extremes
    . The accumulators feature enormous power reserves, flow rates, and fluid volumes. A standard blowoutpreventer control unit consists of 22 or more 11 or 15-gallon bladder accumulators. They are typically precharged to 1,000 psi, then hydraulically charged to 3,000 psi by electric-motor-driven piston pumps
  • The Small Fuel Cell Conference | by Dennis Sieminski | September 2003 FCT |
    since there is fast turn around with ceramic and it definitely is inert to everything. The unit is thermally integrated with the FC and insulated. The fuel is two parts MeOH, one part water. There is no CO cleanup. They are able to control the reforming reaction to keep CO below 2% and everything

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