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  • Infrared Thermography in the Process Gas Plant
    Burlington Resources uses infrared thermography to inspect electrical connections throughout their process gas plant for predictive maintenance, greatly reducing plant downtime and unscheduled shutdowns, and thereby leading to the realization of huge cost savings. The thermography program is used
  • Advancing Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meters for 21st Century Process & Plant Needs
    Process, instrument and plant engineers are challenged. continuously by productivity and plant operating. efficiency objectives as well as ensuring plant compliance. with an ever expanding list of regulations. This situation. burdens the plant's process engineering and operations. team
  • Monitoring Formaldehyde in a Chipboard Manufacturing Plant
    The manufacturing process to produce chipboard commonly uses formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a toxic, carcinogenic gas, which affects the mucus membranes such as the lungs, eyes and nose. At low concentrations, its effects cause a mild irritation, while at higher concentrations inhalation of the gas
  • Wastewater Plant Relies on Thermal Flow Meter for Co-Gen Power Gas Blending Process
    The Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority (RVSA),. which operates a large wastewater treatment plant in New Jersey, embarked on a green co-generation waste-to-energy project to power a portion of its operations. The plant performs primary, secondary, tertiary and sludge treatment processes in serving
  • The Sorbead Quick Cycle Process for Simultaneous Removal of Water, Heavy Hydrocarbons and Mercaptans from Natural Gas
    Used for decades, BASF Sorbeadä oil-drop silica gel is a premium silica gel-based adsorbent that allows the single step removal of both heavy hydrocarbons and water from natural gas ('quick-cycle units') as well as for natural gas dehydration. Recent developments in the quick-cycle process allow
  • Flare Gas Monitoring Systems (.pdf)
    Flare stacks are used in many industries to burn off unwanted waste gas byproducts, or flammable gases released by pressure relief valves during unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment. Applications include oil and gas well drilling operations, oil refineries, chemical process plants, gas
  • Key Concepts in Gas Detection (.pdf)
    Gas-detection systems are important front-line watch dogs, and provide many process plants with early notification of dangerous releases. Proper design and layout is critical to the functionality of these systems, but poses a challenge for many users since little standardized guidance is available
  • Best Flow Meter Technologies for Flow Energy Management in Power Plant Applications
    Generating electricity in a natural gas power plant is a complex process due to the multiple steps involved with the different types of fluids being used and optimized. Dr. John Olin, Founder of Sierra Instruments, explains how thermal mass flow meters, vortex flow meters, and ultrasonic flow
  • Verify Fluid Flow to Your Analyzer and Keep Your Plant Running
    Gas chromatographs (GCs), mass spectrometers, optical spectrometers and photometers are a few examples of analyzer technologies applied in process and plant systems that need sample flow assurance. It is an accepted industry best practice that sampling systems have some type of flow monitor
  • Hazard Concerns Motivate Green Gas (.pdf)
    the tank-reconditioning process. The decision was made to install a 10-rack vapor-recovery system that features LB Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors from Blackmer (R). The oil-free compressors are perfect for the job because they have been designed to deliver high efficiency in handling propane and are ideal
  • How To: Control Process Mist Eliminators
    A structured-media mist eliminator is less prone to plugging than conventional knitted-mesh mist eliminators, achieves higher removal efficiencies per unit of pressure drop, and has lower energy consumption and operating costs. Many process air and gas stream problems involve mist carryover

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