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  • Measuring Oxygen on Oil Field Steam Flood Steam Generators
    Oil field steam flood steam generators have been in use to aid in the recovery of heavy oil (ex. 13 API gravity) for more than thirty years. These steam generators burn fossil fuels such as natural gas and in some cases some of the oil being produced to turn water into steam. The steam, which
  • Application Note: Oil & Gas - SAGD Steam Injection & Letdown Valves
    The majority of SAGD facilities will use once-through steam generators (OTSG) for their steam production. The steam from these OTSGs is piped to steam letdown valves, which drop the pressure to injection valves that inject the steam into the well pad. The steam pressures are quite high
  • Experience a Lower Total Cost of Ownership with an Electric Steam Generator
    When looking at fuel costs alone, a common misconception is that gas fired boilers provide the greatest cost savings. But comparison studies often fail to recognize the total cost of ownership. While a highly efficient fossil fuel fired boiler may be rated as high as 85% efficiency, observed
  • CamGT Filters Reduce Noise & Bring Additional Profits Due To Lower Pressure Drop
    The leading independent energy producer in Thailand operate gas turbine combined cycle power plants with an output of 1600MW each, with four M701F4 gas turbines, two steam turbines, and six generators.
  • Case Study: Sinopec Saves More Than $1 Million in Energy Costs
    Industrial power plants have to maintain a balance between generation demands, operational efficiencies and regulatory constraints. In addition, these plants need a solution that can bring advanced control and optimization to industrial power generators, process steam and heat producers to help
  • Understanding the Importance of Transducer Orientation
    When monitoring vibration on large gas or steam turbines and generators with fluid-film bearings, the relative movement of the shaft within the bearing is typically measured by a pair of shaft proximity (eddy current) transducers. Data from these transducers is used to produce a variety of plots
  • Flow Energy Management Part 3: Three Successful Flow Energy Management Case Studies
    As we've discovered in Part 1 and Part 2 of this Flow Energy Management series, determining the best flow meter technology for flow energy management of gas, liquid and steam applications depends on specific measurement goals, fluid, flow rate, turndown requirements, fluid temperature, and flow

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