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  • Gas Discharge Tube Overview
    different networks. A Gas Discharge Tube or GDT can be used as a standalone component or combined with other components to make a multistage protection circuit - the gas tube acts as the high energy handling component.
  • White Paper - Thermal Processing Optimization: Using Advanced Rotary Tube Internals to Achieve Operational Improvements
    The use of tube internals in a rotary furnace can increase heat transfer surface area, improve radial mixing, improve gas-solid interactions, control gas flow direction, and even control material dwell time or velocity through the tube. All of these can result in a reduction of residence time
  • Eliminating Need For Gas Preheat in Pressure Regulation
    The Vortex Tube (VT) is a specially. designed cylindrical device with no moving. parts. It takes high-pressure gas and, in the. course of its depressurizing, converts (vortex. phenomenon) the inlet gas flow energy into. two low pressure streams - cold and hot. which exit the VT separately
  • Gas Plasma OVP (G.D.T.) Application Notes (.pdf)
    The Gas Discharge Tube (G.D.T.) operates as a voltage dependent switch. When a voltage appears across the device which is greater than its breakdown voltage, known as the Sparkover Voltage, an arc discharge takes place within the tube which creates a low impedance path by which the surge current
  • Natural Gas Compressor System Oil Coolers Case History
    Multistage gas compression is one of the most common processes in any industrial plant. Applications vary from one industry to another and include natural gas processing, petroleum refining, and manufacturing of chemicals and end-product gases. Pressuring the gas enables it to be stored
  • Soldering a copper tube to a brass flow valve [MEC]
    The heating process was completed within 12 seconds, faster than the client's gas torch and more reliably. Without flame, induction helps create a safer, cooler working environment.
  • Vacuum Measurements Introduction
    Deflection gauges measure true pressure via deflection of a bourdon tube, independent of the type of gas in a system. Bourdon tubes are constructed in either C-tube or helical coil geometries and of these two, helical Bourdon tubes provide the greatest sensitivity.
  • Typical Manifold Installations
    On liquid service the instrument should be mounted below the process connections to facilitate self-bleeding. On gas service it should be located above the process connections to promote self-draining. If the process contains particulates, a "pigtail" loop or drop leg (manometer "U-tube
  • How Pumps Work
    or gas) is pushed along in front of it. Behind the rolling pin, the tube springs back into its original shape, which creates a vacuum; atmospheric pressure pushes the fluid in to fill the vacuum. As the rolling pin approaches line B-B, start a second rolling pin at A-A. This will allow the pump
  • Principles of Operation For Force-Decay Leak Testing of Flexible Packages
    Non-destructive leak testing for flexible packages can be accomplished by several methods that utilize. various properties of the package form and materials. Techniques include vacuum bubble test, pressure/. vacuum decay, displacement change, trace gas and force-decay, and each method provides
  • Leakproof tubular welds
    are joined by deformation-resistance welding. A roller hydraulic-valve lifter is assembled using deformation-resistance weld hot staking. Fuel-tank cover to inlet-outlet tube is assembled by deformation-resistance welding. Delphi Energy & Chassis Systems Corp., Kettering, Ohio, originally used gas
  • Medical Device Link .
    A contract manufacturer mass-produces disposable lines for monitoring anaesthesia gas and carbon dioxide by coextruding polyethylene/PVC or PVC tubes and assembling male and female connectors. The ISO 9001 - and ISO 14001 -certified company can perform any kind of manual medical device assembly
  • Helium-Neon Lasers
    output, stability, and life span, are non-trivial). The gas fill is a mixture of helium and neon gas at low pressure. A pair of mirrors - one totally reflective (called the High Reflector or HR), the other partially reflective (called the Output Coupler or OC) at the wavelength of the laser's output
  • U.S. Patents | 2004 | A B T |
    reforming of hydrocarbons, Julie Ann Valentine, Micro Motion, Inc. U.S. 6,758,233 (20040706), High volume electronic gas regulator, Michael Sulatisky and Sheldon Hill, Saskatchewan Research Council (CA). U.S. 6,758,656 (20040706), Multi-stage internal gear/turbine fuel pump, Eugen Maier and Michael

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  • Cryocoolers 10
    … of the cryocooler warms up above 4.2 K helium flow into the helium vessels from the re condenser stops, and the cryocooler becomes thermally disconnected from the LHe, reducing the heat leak to only conduction through the “Liquid/ Gas Tubes .” .
  • Combustion 2000
    5.0 in (12.7 cm) w.c. Flue gas ( tube side) pressure drop: .