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  • Replacing Conventional Air Conditioners with Vortex Coolers
    The following case study explains how natural gas pipeline powder coater EB Pipe Coating (Panama City, Fla.) used four Vortex A/C electrical enclosure coolers to solve space and configuration issues posed by conventional air conditioners on an OEM powder coating system.
  • Eliminating Need For Gas Preheat in Pressure Regulation
    The Vortex Tube (VT) is a specially. designed cylindrical device with no moving. parts. It takes high-pressure gas and, in the. course of its depressurizing, converts (vortex. phenomenon) the inlet gas flow energy into. two low pressure streams - cold and hot. which exit the VT separately
  • Wrapping It Up: Vortex Air Gun Aids in Aerospace Applications
    The global corporation MAG offers a comprehensive line of equipment and technologies serving. a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive and truck, heavy equipment, oil and. gas, rail, solar energy, wind turbine production and general machining. Their services include. process
  • A Case Study in Creativity
    The following case study explains. how natural gas pipeline powder. coater EB Pipe Coating (Panama. City, Fla.) used four Vortex A/C electrical. enclosure coolers to solve space. and configuration issues posed by. conventional air conditioners on an. OEM powder coating system.
  • Best Flow Meter Technologies for Flow Energy Management in Power Plant Applications
    Generating electricity in a natural gas power plant is a complex process due to the multiple steps involved with the different types of fluids being used and optimized. Dr. John Olin, Founder of Sierra Instruments, explains how thermal mass flow meters, vortex flow meters, and ultrasonic flow
  • Flow Metering Challenges & Considerations
    and lubricants, aerospace applications present diffi cult fl owmetering challenges. Among today's common liquid and gas. fl owmeter technologies, are widely differing designs such as turbine, coriolis, magnetic, differential pressure and vortex meters. Each technology offers individual strengths

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