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  • Economic Development Through Biomass Systems Integration in Central Florida: Final Report; May 5, 1995
    …2x - 100 hp tractor & 25 ft spring tooth harrow, 5 mph Open furrows - 125 hp tractor & 16 ft middle buster (4 row), 4 mph Plant - by hand , 35 hp tractor & … hp tractor & herbicide sprayer , 16 ft. 4 mph. .... Irrigate 1/2 of acreage - pump & (75 hp gasoline ) power unit $12,000 traveling gun $23,500 250 ft wide, -024 mph to put on Iinch of water.
  • States > Minnesota > State > Register > 2007 > [2007 MN Register 402] 04/02/2007
    …originally purchased with the logging equipment · air compressors; · building materials and supplies; · garden-type tractors; · gasoline /diesel storage tanks; · … operating logging equipment); · hand tools; · lighting equipment … equipment; · service tank pumps ; · service tanks (for .... · shop equipment; · shovels and spades; · snow blowers; · snowmobiles; · sprayers (high pressure for…
  • A History of Air-Blast Sprayer Development and Future Prospects
    He also discussed many early devices for applying liquid mixtures and powders, such as pumps , geared spray machines, steam-powered sprayers , nozzles, and bellows. .... During the period from the 1890s to 1940, advances in mechanical equipment, such as steam power, gasoline engines, pressure regulators, and the adjustable spray gun led to greater acceptance of high-pressure " hand guns" to apply pesticide sprays to trees (Brann…
  • Heavy material handling manipulator for agricultural robot
    The vehicle is essentially a commercial self-propelled machine for a sprayer . .... The hand for grasping watermelons consists of four lDOF fingers and a small DC motor[8]. .... The original power source for moving the manipulator is a vehicular gasoline engine in order to work .... Hydraulic-pressured power is generated by driving a hydraulic pump with an engine.
  • Emergy evaluation of food production in urban residential landscapes
    Fuel was gasoline used for mowing lawns. .... These items include a shovel, a rake, a turning fork, a hand trowel, a knife, a lawnmower, a pump sprayer , a plastic basin, a five gallon plastic bucket, jute twine, bird nets, plastic bags, Johnny’s fava/broad bean/vetch inoculant, and HinderR deer and…
  • Off-Highway Gasoline Consuption Estimation Models Used in the Federal Highway Administration Attribution Process: 2008 Updates
    On the other hand , the result produced from the NONROAD2005 model includes fuel use by all types … cleaning equipment; - Baler equipment that bales from loose or windrowed hay or other forage mowed crop - Agricultural mower equipment for mowing, not intended for later baling or harvesting; - Sprayers including small (backpack) and … sets which include agricultural pumps and pivot wheel irrigation .... The 2002 FHWA model estimated the off-highway industrial and commercial gasoline use by trucks only.
  • Method of Evaluation of Deposit Forming Tendency of Automotive Gasolines in Injection Systems in Osv-01 Motorless Unit
    The time between injections (5 min) was chosen as a compromise between the need, on the one hand , for sufficiently high degree of oxidation over the duration of residence of the gasoline in the heating zone and, on the other, the need .... Thus, one injection cycle can be described as follows: turning on the fuel pump  turning on … 17103677 spray nozzle with six holes provides Re  6000 and Bosch 0280168110 sprayer with four holes…
  • Sell Concrete Mixer
    …located in Linyi High-Tech Development Zone, Shandong province, specializes in small universal gasoline engine and related .... At present, there are more than 100 kinds of products, such as brush cutters, sprayers , water pumps , hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and so on. .... -  Hand Tools >> Tools .
  • Evaluating the carbon footprint of Chilean organic blueberry production
    (diesel, gasoline , and two-stroke oil). .... orchard C, applications in this orchard are either done by fertigation or backpack sprayer , not by tractor … the relatively high electricity-related GHG emissions are mainly caused by a large pump of 8.8 .... On the other hand , the crop residues are a major component of the organic inputs in agriculture…
  • Code of Federal Regulations > Title 44 - Emergency Management and Assistance > Federal Emergency Management Agency > [44 CFR Part 323] Guidance on Priority Use...
    Pumps and appurtenances, Hand -Electric- Gasoline -Diesel. .... Hand sprayer , continuous type.