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  • Platforms and Walkways-Image
    Platforms and Walkways - (401 companies)
    ...such as handrails, access gates, stairs, ladders, and kick plates. Platforms and walkways enable personnel access to elevated workspaces. They can also be called grating planks, catwalks, or industrial footbridges. Workers utilize these industrial...
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  • Gate Valves-Image
    Gate Valves - (1163 companies)
    Gate valves and knife valves are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element slides into the media stream to shut off flow. Gate valves (also known as knife valves or slide valves) are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element...
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  • Idler Pulleys-Image
    Idler Pulleys - (76 companies)
    ...a drive belt to guide it or take up slack. A metric idler pulley is a pulley system that helps in connecting to distant points through an idler pulley. Idler pulleys are produced in a variety of styles such as, V-belt, plain, flat, and cable style...
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  • V-Belt Pulleys-Image
    V-Belt Pulleys - (213 companies)
    ...of the pulley; these grooves guide and gain traction on a v-belt. The accompanying video offers a comprehensive overview of some v-belt basics, as well as their advantages and variations. Video credit: spiritjunky via YouTube / CC BY-SA 4.0. A v-belt...
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  • Round Belt Pulleys-Image
    Round Belt Pulleys - (63 companies)
    ...or to apply/transmit power. The round belt pulley accommodates a belt, cable, or rope in a groove around the circumference of the device to guide the drive element. Round belt pulleys are very efficient (approx. 95%), they can produce a mechanical advantage...
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    Timing Pulleys (metric) - (174 companies)
    Timing pulleys mesh with same-pitch timing belts on synchronous drives where maintenance of speed ratio is important. These pulleys have a millimeter-based pitch designation. Definition. Timing pulleys that are designed with an millimeter-based...
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    Gate Drivers - (93 companies)
    Gate drivers are electronic circuits that apply correct power levels to metal-oxide field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) and insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). With power-MOSFETs, gate drivers can be implemented as transformers, discrete...
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    Light Guides - (128 companies)
    Light guides conduct the flow of light from a light source to a point of use in areas that are too small or too hazardous to permit the installation of a light bulb. There are two basic types of light guides: liquid and fiber optic. Light guides...
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    Industrial Safety Gates - (114 companies) this product area are roller gates, single-swing gates, sliding gates, and staircase gates. Top-hung gates employ a track, groove, or bumpers at the top of the gate, to fix or bear the weight of the gate, or to guide the gate along a prescribed path of movement...
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    Guide Bushings and Drill Bushings - (144 companies)
    ...bit guide ensures exact alignment while drilling holes in hinges and other ironmongery. While using a pillar guide, the speed of the rotating chuck can be adjusted by altering the pulley belt system, which is mounted at the top of the machine...
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  • Remuneration of Integrated supply structures in health care
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  • Supply Chain management and product economic systems in trade
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  • Contributions to a theory of logistics
    This - flanks guided through improved decision bases with a help of IT-gestützter Warenwirtschafts- and management information systems, holding, at it, that approaches an ever stronger role as " gate keeper" to the consumer trade.
  • Control center - Gatekeeping with Qualitätsanpruch
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  • Longevity and aging: genes or environment?
    But that play the safety reactive oxygen-species also by the release of mutations either directly ( gate keeper-genes) or indirectly (caretaker-genes) for cancer diseases, carry an important role (44).
  • The nature of wear of tube rolling mill rolls
    It consists of two bearings 1, perpendicular to the axis of the roll and fixed on its journal 2; two guides 3, rigidly fixed to the supports; a traveling pulley 4, through which passes the micrometer gate 5 with divisions of 0 …
  • Internal marketing in service networks
    Therefore, the gate keeper- role of the network partner is placed hereinafter particularly on this aspect what leads to it that the personalorientiertes internal marketing in the decentralized distribution unit of not nearer considered wird.273 becomes However, explicitly, takes into account …
  • Suppliers to the Peugeot 5008
    … Gaskets Faurecia Exhaust Systems Federal-Mogul Bearings, Camshaft, Cold Seals, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Dynamic Seals, Exhaust Manifold Gasket, Injector Clamps, Liners, Pistons/Pins, Pulleys , Rings, Sprockets, Valve Seats And Guides Ficosa MTX Shifter System … … Pipe, Clutch Slave Cylinder Gates Micro-V Belt, Micro …
  • Knowledge management through Communities of of Practice
    Through the passage of the knowledge to colleagues and superiors members take more or That is represented the roller of a technological gate keepers within the meaning of ALLEN.1206 … … findings by the solution of its tasks introduce or they give further.

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