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    Inventory Control Software - (130 companies)
    Inventory control software is used to manage stock levels, record physical inventories, and track trends in item movement and location. Inventory control involves supervising the supply, storage, and accessibility of stock items, both to ensure...
    Retail Software - (39 companies)
    Retail software is used by small-to-medium size businesses to calculate taxes, manage inventory, run payroll, and determine pricing. Users include point of sales (POS) stores, retail outlets, and warehouses. Types of Retail Software. There are two...
    Logistics Software - (95 companies)
    Logistics software involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material-handling, and packaging, and occasionally security. Logistics is a channel of the supply chain which adds the value of time and place...
    Invoice Software - (25 companies)
    Invoice software is used to create, print, and send invoices to customers for payment. Typically, an invoice contains information such as the item quantity, product or service description, unit cost, and client billing address. Invoicing software...
    Accounting Software - (77 companies)
    ...such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance. Accounting software may also include modules for general ledger, billing, stock or inventory, and sales and purchase orders. Additional accounting software modules may include debt...
    Purchasing Software - (22 companies)
    Automated purchasing applications are designed to support just-in-time (JIT) inventory and other aspects of the supply chain. This type of purchasing software generates purchase orders automatically and recommends quantities, items, and vendors...
    Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) - (652 companies)
    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software supports the entire business process. Typically, ERP consists of modules such as marketing and sales, field service, production, inventory control, procurement, distribution, human resources (HR), etc...
    Barcode Software - (195 companies)
    ...barcodes. Code 128 barcodes. Code 39 barcodes. interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes. PDF 417 barcodes. Barcode software can also print types of barcodes that are used in applications ranging from shipping to inventory control to cataloging books by ISBN number...
    Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM) - (102 companies)
    Enterprise asset management (EAM) software monitors the status, deployment, performance, and maintenance of company assets. Enterprise asset manager (EAM) software is an IT solution that manages the lifecycle of physical assets for a company. EAM...
    CNC Machining Services - (5262 companies)
    Consistency and repeatability. Precision and accuracy. Fast production. Reduced waste. Reduced operator/labor costs. Modern CNC machining services are automated using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software...

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  • Software Boost for Broadband? | Light Reading
    Also, it could be hooked into inventory management systems from the likes of Granite Systems Inc. or provisioning software from companies like Syndesis Ltd.
  • Telcordia Up for Grabs Again? | Light Reading
    It has been making better progress with the new network inventory capabilities it gained through the acquisition of Granite Systems, and was named as the market leader in inventory , network resource management and service fulfillment by industry analysts at OSS Observer . … position in the SDP world makes it an attractive target for large enterprise software firms looking to …
  • Stonexpo 2008 - Masonry Construction Page 1 of 2
    … allows for maximum productivity and a shorter time for loading/unloading slabs.U.S. Granite Robotics, 800-999 … Stone Software … software includes modules for accurately creating digital slabs, artistic and optimal real-time nesting, and inventory management.
  • Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment
    The digital data were processed with ArcMap® software . It was generated lithological map, slope or declivity map and landslides Inventory Map from Bom Brinquedo Hill. … Pinto et al. 2013, Fig. 2): (1) undifferentiated meta-mafic rocks; (2) Antonina Granite ; (3) mylonites and …
  • Life cycle assessment of granite application in sidewalks
    The software used for envi- ronmental assessment was GaBi 4.3 (PE International 2008) as well as … … Group on the LCA of concrete and has access to detailed life cycle inventory data provided by … Table 1 shows the LCI and ecoinvent processes selected for the LCIA of the granite sidewalk.
  • Pavement Design and Materials
    … 80 – 84 and resilient modulus, 50 Grades, asphalt binder, 129 – 141 Granites , 75, 102 Granular … rehabilitation treatment guidelines, 454 stiffness of joints, 240 – 244 Kinematic viscosity, 121 Lane closures, 516 – 525 Lateral pressure, coefficient of, 63, 64 Layered analysis software , 192, 193 Length inventory data, 5 – 7 Life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA), 392, 474 …
  • Relative effect method of landslide susceptibility zonation in weathered granite soil: a case study in Deokjeok-ri Creek, South Korea
    Thus, external software is needed, and the resulting data must be reintroduced into the GIS environment to … … main objective of this study was to identify landslide-prone areas in weathered granite soil using the … … in the evaluation of sus- ceptible areas and uses information obtained from the inventory map to predict …
  • Evaluation of regional fracture properties for groundwater development using hydrolithostructural domain approach in variably fractured hard rocks of Purulia d...
    The present paper provides a ground exemplar of software -based approach for analyses of fracture data through … … is detected in phyllite and mica schist without any shearing effect followed by granite gneisses outside the … At the existing inven- tory well sites, spatial distribution of hydrologi- cal characteristics was noted.
  • Water level variations in fractured, semi-confined aquifers of Anantapur district, Southern India
    … to 300 m contribute groundwater movement and form potential aquifers in both the granite and sedimentary terrains … Hydrogeological studies in the form of well- inventory , discharge measurements and short duration pumping test were carried … The field and collected water level data is analyzed on computer using Microsoft Excel software .
  • WNSamples (\
    … fluctuation_N|3 rockiness_N|1 hilliness_N|1 west_virginia_N|3 steering_wheel_N|4 restlessness_N|2 spanish_J|6 weatherliness_N|1 wiggliness_N|1 slackness_N|1 shakiness_N|1 regime_N|5 lodgment_N|1 granite _N|6 sureness_N|1 charm_V|2 … deletion_N|1 upset_V|6 excision_N|1 clause_N|10 typescript_N|1 heathen_N|1 quran_N|1 sura_N|1 vedanta_N|1 pantheistic_J|1 upanishad_N|1 summary_N|5 treasurer_N|3 overview_N|1 fill_out_V|7 tax_form_N|1 personality_ inventory _N|1 direct_J|23 projective_test_N|1 requisition_N|1 get_in_V|5 shopping_list_N|1 line_item_N|1 fifth_J|5 giggle_N|1 … … tax_return_N|4 gag_order_N|1 first_amendment_N|1 arrest_V|5 larceny_N|2 plea_bargain_N|2 plea_bargaining_N|1 congested_J|1 beta_ software _N|1 code_N|10 word_processing_N|1 source_code_N|2 …