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  • Masters and Setting Gages-Image
    Masters and Setting Gages - (86 companies)
    Masters and setting gages provide dimensional standards for calibrating other gages. While similar to other gages in that they help to set and determine gauging standards, masters gages and setting gages are not used with other specific devices...
    Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) Devices - (16 companies)
    Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices are integrated semiconductors that serve as a laboratory for the testing and analysis of very small chemical and clinical samples. Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices are integrated semiconductor devices that serve...
  • Master Alloys and Alloying Additives-Image
    Master Alloys and Alloying Additives - (82 companies)
    Master alloys and alloying additives are alloy element concentrates, grain refiners, hardeners, deoxidants and other agents added into a melt or metal powder blend to produce a particular alloy, modify a melt or alter processing characteristics. How...
    Laboratory Freezers - (148 companies)
    For example, a lab freezer can be used to set up a chromatography apparatus within the chamber. Laboratory freezers that are designed for blood banks must be able to maintain the quality of the blood supply. Lab freezers that store blood and blood...
    Bell Jars - (21 companies)
    Bell jars are chambers that hold low pressure vacuums for lab work or general display purposes. Bell jars are a small-sized laboratory apparatus for creating low-quality vacuums. The chambers serve to exhibit individual items, as dust covers...
    Laboratory Flasks - (151 companies)
    How to Select Laboratory Flasks. Image Credit: U.S. Plastic Corp. Laboratory flasks are lab vessels with wide bodies and narrow, tubular necks. They can be used for mixing, measuring, and heating chemicals, samples, and solutions. A type of labware...
    Biosensors and Microarrays - (31 companies)
    Biosensors, microarrays, biochips and lab-on-chip (LOC) products are microscale devices for biological, biochemical and chemical arrays. They consist of microfluidic channels and a biodetector or microsensor arrays. Biosensors, microarrays, biochips...
    Hot Cells - (9 companies)
    Hot cells are shielded radiation containment chambers that allow operators to safely handle and manipulate radioactive isotopes. They are used in both the nuclear energy industry and in nuclear medicine.
    IC Bus Interfaces and Controllers - (105 companies)
    IC bus interfaces and bus controllers or bus masters are interfaces between most standard parallel-bus microcontrollers or microprocessors and the serial bus. There are many different types of IC bus interfaces and controllers. Examples include...
    Laboratory Spatulas - (30 companies)
    Laboratory spatulas are tools with a broad, flat blade for generic mixing, spreading, and scraping of lab substrates and industrial compounds. They commonly have a second blade or spoon for other tasks. Laboratory spatulas are implements...

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  • KODAK: Retail System Solutions: Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX)
    1 Energy savings based on electricity consumption testing of Fuji Frontier 340, Fuji Frontier 570, Noritsu QSS2711, Gretag Master Lab 742 minilabs under typical print per day volume.
    Gretag Master Lab 742 .
  • Direct generation of optical diffractive elements in perfluorocyclobutane (PFCB) polymers by soft lithography
    Reflectance spectra of the resulting molded PFCB structures were measured using a Gretag Macbeth CE741 goniospectrometer. … has been pioneered by Whitesides et al. [11] and recently used in our labs for patterning polynaphthalene … … poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) molds/stamps by casting PDMS on a photolithographically generated silicon master containing the desired …
  • The Practical application of an artist's colour model as an alternative to CMYK
    The 12 patches were recorded using a Gretag Macbeth Eye1 and LAB values recorded. … W.L.Strauss, Chiaroscuro,The Clair-Obscur Woodcuts by the German and Netherlandish Masters of the XVIth …
  • Bologna porticoes project: A 3D repository for WHL UNESCO nomination
    … Hugues Hoppe screened Poisson for surface reconstruction [14] and MeshLab from Visual Computing Lab of ISTI – … Colour fidelity was ensured by performing a white balance against a series of Gretag Macbeth Color Chart … … was used to evaluate the quality of the workflow and the master images.
  • Advanced verification methods for OVI security ink
    … having to write code that was compatible with the proprietary algorithms of the master computer running the … However, these same units are less than practical for testing banknotes on the lab bench. … with the hand-held unit directly after the unit was normalized using a Gretag -Macbeth white balance …
  • Dictionary of Minor Planet Names
    ), of Gretag Imaging, Zurich, is well known for his research on the chemistry of comets, ranging from … ) manages the Lab - oratoire d’Etudes Spatiales et d’Instrumentation en Astrophysique at Paris Observatory. He made a significant contribution to the mastering and use of water-power resources, as well as …
  • Dictionary of Minor Planet Names
    Founder and director of Steward Observatory’s mirror lab at the University of Arizona, Tucson, Roger Angel (1941- The painter Max Liebermann (1847-1935) is one of the greatest masters of German impressionism. ), of Gretag Imaging, Zurich, is well known for his research on the chemistry of comets, ranging from …
  • Advances in Printing and Packaging Technologies
    0 ( Gretag Macbeth); Inkjet printer (Epson Stylus C88+); Brightness tester (L&W Co.); Monitor/Smoothness-II (Testing Machines Inc … Production of the master batch Figure 3 indicates, color gamut analysis 3D Lab value and 2D ab values, with yellow indicating traditional …
  • Advances in Textile Engineering and Materials III
    The colour strength (K/S) of the soaped samples was measured on a spectrophotometer ( Gretag Macbeth). … by means of K/S value and The Surface Color Depth K/S value, CIE Lab difference values (illuminantD65/10 … Institute of Clothing Technology, Master 's Thesis(2011).