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  • ShotWatch by Grip & Rip Technology
    is a user-friendly, lightweight, and affordable device that is worn like a wristwatch during practice driving range sessions to help golfers develop swing consistency through instant feedback and muscle memory training. There are three key elements that ShotWatch records: swing speed, grip pressure
  • Comparison of Grip Forces
    Accurate grip measurements are extremely important for development of ergonomically sound products. Achieving reliable grip measurements was a difficult task, until now. Tekscan's Grip system provides detailed pressure profiles, forces and graphical analysis displays for various grip applications
  • Smart Load Sensing Solution for Grip Applications
    Accurate grip measurement has become increasingly important in today's world of continued ergonomic improvement. Historically, there have been limitations with grip measurement. Load cells are expensive and bulky; pressure films relay only relative measurements reflecting the maximum pressure
  • Pressure Balancing Shock Absorbers for Better Performance
    The pressure balancing of shock absorbers is a new method of optimizing a particular damper set-up for a particular track or target velocity to reduce hysteresis and improve grip while still avoiding cavitation. Poor response of a damper can be equated to a lag in pressure across the main piston
  • Ergonomic Research
    Companies are constantly facing a challenge: maximize efficiency and performance of employees while making tasks, jobs, and products compatible with human capabilities and needs. Ergonomists face the challenge of maximizing productivity while reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. The Grip
  • A better way to keep paint out
    Automation Div. Rochester Hills, Mich., wanted to keep the inside of its robots paint-free despite the numerous holes where wires enter or exit the robot and spray booth. Standard cord grips with gasket seals originally plugged the holes but caused problems. Installers had to remove connectors to slide
  • KENT Systems: A Comparison
    that may be hard to press. At high pressures, the push button design is difficult to insert and dangerous when the couplings accidentally fly apart. With a quarter turn quick coupling the user can grip anywhere on the base of the product and turn it to connect and disconnect. Also, the ease of connecting
  • Metallurgy makes or breaks tube fittings
    of aggressive fluids and chemicals, and resist internal and external corrosion. The fittings grip and seal by compressing the nose of a ferrule into the tubing OD. High-quality compression fittings hold internal pressure without leaks or failure until the tubing fractures. And users can repeatedly

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