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  • IEEE Recommended Practice for Electric Systems in Health Care Facilities
    … 138Ð 139 voltage droop method, 137Ð138 ratings, 132 sequential loading, 146Ð147 sizing the alternator , 132Ð134 temperature, 128Ð129 … See Voltage regulators GFCIs ( ground fault circuit interrupters), 202, 208Ð210 Glare, lighting, 222Ð223 Glitch, definition of, 343 … … circuit interrupters (GFCIs), 202, 208Ð210 Ground faults, 152 detection schemes, 61 protection , 59Ð60 equipment selection, 59 … … detec- tion), 62 Guidelines for Construction and Equipment of …
  • 1979 Index IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems
    … core cable without conducting sheath; effect of cable stranding; Poltz, J.; T-PAS v98 n4 Jul/Aug 79 1142 (lA09) Submarine; cf. Underwater Substation insulation lightning protection of metalclad substations using … … 1043 (4F05) communication cables, fault -induced voltages; grounding system design; Dick, E … … SF6 Summer Power Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, 1978 abstracts of 'A' papers from July 1978 meeting; T-PAS v98 ni Jan/Feb 79 3-12 (IA05) Superconducting rotating machines alternator transient analysis; three-dimensional … … turbogenerators; armature winding concepts for EHV and high CFCT …
  • Discussion on ¿Aircraft electrical systems¿
    The author rightly draws attention to the serious consequences of faults in control circuits between alternator channels necessary for a satisfactory sharing of real power and reactive components and the discrimination by protective circuits. … remains, and therefore the approach to the a.c. system on air-worthiness grounds will have to …
  • CR4 - Thread: why neutral earthing is required for DG.
    1- The Neutral is Grounded so that there will be a return path for any fault involving a phase line and the gounded body of the equipment supplied with electric power. Protection circuitry are usually made to detect such fault, using the current leaking back to the DG alternator , via the earth and back to the Neutral point.