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  • Locking Devices for Machine Safeguarding
    This paper looks at the principles behind Guard Locking and Process Locking of safety interlocks. It provides several examples when to use each method, and describes the locking principles and lock release types defined by the ISO 14119 standard for guard interlock design and selection.
  • Safety Interlocks Tutorial
    The interlock switch is a means of safeguarding that monitors the position of a guard or gate. An interlocked guard can be used to shut off power, control personnel access, and can prevent the machine from starting when the guard is open. You'll be interested in this tutorial if you
  • Free software designs better aluminum structures
    . A packaging-line guard system designed in the software includes doors that can be equipped with a safety interlock switch to ensure safe access.
  • Taking safety to the mat
    joining trim can go between two mats and accommodate both sets of cables from the mats. Pressure-sensitive safety mats can eliminate the need to manually open a guard or activate a safety switch. The elimination of these activities also helps to improve machine productivity by integrating safety