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    … may be caused by a rigid object - such as road posts, tree branch, motorcycle parts, etc - penetrating … Depending on the extent of helmet coverage (full face helmet, three-quarter shell helmet or half -shell helmet), the outer shell of the helmet may prevent such penetration by spreading out the force applied to the head.
  • The effect of the Taiwan motorcycle helmet use law on head injuries.
    Full helmets were found to be safer than half - shell helmets . The helmet law effectively decreased the mortality and morbidity from motorcycle -related head injuries.
  • Trajectory Designing and Realizing for the Variable Structure Motorcycle Helmet
    A new type of variable structure motorcycle helmet is proposed in this paper, in which that the helmet’s chin-guard can be transformed between the full-helmet status and the half -helmet status as needed. … thus smoothly accomplishing the chin-guard’s lifting, climbing, passing zenith, falling and closing in the helmet shell .
  • Hockey Headgear and the Adequacy of Current Designs and Standards
    None of the helmets had any sort of "undercut" to keep the helmet snug on the lower half of the head (that area below the reference plane). … harness adjustments similar to those used in headgear for horse sports, bicycling, or motorcycles should be considered. … must be simple to use, not compromise the structural integrity of the outer shell (as the two …
  • Reconstructive Neurosurgery
    Furthermore, full helmets were found to be safer than half - shell hel- mets [15]. The data from the Transportation Bureau showed that the numbers of motorcycle -related deaths were reduced by …
  • States > Tennessee > State > Statutes > Title 55 - Motor and other Vehicles > [T.C.A. 55-9] 009 - Equipment - Lighting Regulations
    (a) The driver of a motorcycle , motorized bicycle, as defined in chapter 8 of this title, or motor-driven cycle, and any passenger on any of these, shall be required to wear either a crash helmet meeting federal standards contained in 49 … 2) Notwithstanding any provision in 49 CFR 571.218 relative to helmet penetration standards, ventilation airways may penetrate through the entire shell of the helmet; provided, that no ventilation airway shall exceed one and one half inches (1 ½′′) in diameter; .
  • Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Volume 22: A Guide for Addressing Collisions Involving Motorcycles
    Typical protective riding gear includes: • FMVSS 218 compliant helmet – Helmets come in three basic styles—full face, three-quarter shell , and half -shell. … – Fabricated out of abrasion-resistant materials such as leather or ballistic nylon, motorcycle gear provides ventilation …
  • Likelihood of Brain Injury in Motorcycle Accidents: A Comparison of Novelty and DOT-Approved Helmets
    To illustrate, in 1998, over 35 percent of riders in Florida used novelty helmets , and 84 percent of those riders were on cruiser style motorcycles (Turner and Hagelin, 2000). From the outside, these novelty helmets look like DOT-approved shorty or half helmets, but on the … … absorbing layer that should be sandwiched between the comfort liner and the outer shell of the helmet.
    For this reason, FRP shells are usually found in premium motorcycle helmets and thermoplastic shells are offered as cheaper alternatives. Next, the die, which is made up of two separate halves , parts to release the finished helmet …
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