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  • Direction of arrival estimation using virtual array search
    MSc thesis, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada, 1999 … … ‘Array signal processing’ (Prentice- Hall , 1993) 6 Chen, J … … and localization on wireless sensor networks’, Proc. IEEE, 2003 … … of nonuniform arrays for efficient high resolution bearing estimation’.
  • Laboratory directed research and development annual report : 2005.
    … G. R. Bragg Fiber Development, 167 Integrated Fiber Lasers for Efficient High Power Generation, 593 … … Active Aeroelastic Control, 210 Hall , A. C. Advanced Technologies … … W. Real-Time Discriminatory Sensors for Water Contamination Events … … Refurbish Our Civil and Military Infrastructure, 373 Haney, M …
  • Sensors, Instrumentation and Special Topics, Volume 6
    … span of twenty years prior to MEAS, he was further involved in vibration sensor design while working … His transducer development experience also includes the application of variable capacitance MEMS, variable reluctance, inductive proximity, Hall effect , and magnetoresistive technologies for speed and position sensing in military /aerospace, industrial, and automotive applications.
  • Input Shaft in Automation - Turbine Speed Sensor
    Electronica Engineering’s Hall Effect Speed Sensors features optional internal pull-up resistor for 12 or 24 Vdc, adjustable fastening and 3 wires inductive sensors. It is applicable to railway, industrial, earth-moving machinery, agricultural, military and automotive fields.
  • Assessment of flow and cure monitoring using direct current and alternating current sensing in vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding
    Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition ed T J Moon et al Faiz R 1996 Net RTM preforming process for cost- effective manufacturing of military ground vehicle composite structures 28th Int … … transfer molding flow monitoring using SMARTweave sensors Proc. ASME Mater. Div. … M M 1996 Composite Materials—Processing, Fabrication and Applications vol II (New York: Prentice- Hall ) Sheppard D 1998 …
    The safety and structural integrity are of great importance to military and commercial aircraft, and the developments of effective nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methods are receiving much attention in recent years. The objective of this paper was to provide the recent developments of aircraft NDE based on advanced sensor techniques: (a) Ultrasonic testing with piezoceramic sensor arrays, air … … transducers; (b) Eddy current testing with SQUID magnetometer sensors, Hall effect sensors, and giant …
  • Product News
    Hall Effect sensors convert energy from a magnetic field into an electrical signal, enabling their contact-less operation and yielding nearly unlimited life cycles. … temperature, vibration, moisture, and dirt, making them well suited for a range of military , aerospace, and commercial …
  • Index to Subjects
    … 1159 Gun, Crossed Cylindrical Lens High Transcon- ductance: Jan 95 Guns, Electron, Numerical Analysis for Design of: Jan 87 H Hall Effect Circulator: Apr 528 Hall Effect in High Electric Fields: Jan 102, Oct 1781 Hall Effect Sensor , Multipole-Element: Nov 2014 … … Materials, Films, and Filters for: Sep 1540 Microwave and, Band Between: Mar 381 Military Applications of: Sep …
  • Chemical passivation of InSb (100) substrates in aqueous solutions of sodium sulfide
    … unique physical prop erties of InSb such as high mobility, a low electron effective mass in the … Indium antimonide is used for the fabrication of high sensitivity elements, Hall sensors , optical fil ters and thermoelectric generators and coolers, as well as in military hardware (individual and matrix radia tion photodetectors for the mid IR range) and in microwave electronics …
  • Optek LED Products | Authorized Optek Distributor | Mouser
    Key applications are sensing, illumination and indication in office equipment, encoders, military and Hi-Rel applications, and … Products include: optoelectronics - discrete LEDs, surface mount and thru-hole LEDs and Hall effect sensors .