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  • Hand Pumps and Foot Pumps-Image
    Hand Pumps and Foot Pumps - (283 companies)
    Hand pumps and foot pumps are manually operated pumps that can driven by hand or foot via a handle or lever. Hand pumps and foot pumps are manually operated pumps driven by hand or foot via a handle or lever. This manual external force actuates...
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  • Hand Drills-Image
    Hand Drills - (172 companies)
    Drills are hand-held tools with rotating drill bits used to fabricate holes in multiple materials. They are widely used in construction, carpentry, metalworking, assembly, and maintenance. Most drills used today are powered, and use a chuck to grip...
  • Piston Pumps and Plunger Pumps-Image
    Piston Pumps and Plunger Pumps - (583 companies)
    ...selecting pumps are flowrate, stroke volume, pump head, pressure, horsepower, power rating, outlet diameter, and operating temperature. These specifications are described in detail in GlobalSpec's Pump Flow page. Materials. The material(s) of a pump...
  • Liquid Handling Pumps-Image
    Liquid Handling Pumps - (2258 companies)
    ...pump: Hand-operated reciprocating pump. Image Credit: For more information on positive displacement pumps, visit the How to Select Positive Displacement Pumps page on Engineering360. Pump Parameters. Pump operation and performance can best...
  • Injection Pumps-Image
    Injection Pumps - (105 companies)
    ...expanding and contracting cavities to move fluids. Types. Injection pumps used in diesel engines are driven indirectly by gears or chains from the crankshaft and operate at very high pressures. A diesel fuel injection pump is coordinated by the timing...
    Plastic Pumps - (181 companies)
    ...ratings. reduced impact resistance. narrower temperature ranges. Some plastic pumps are designed to move abrasive materials, acids, adhesives, chemicals, concrete and grout, coolants, hazardous materials, liquid metal, or lubricants. Other devices...
    Handles and Pulls (industrial) - (440 companies)
    ...a "cove" where the hand grips the handle. Lever Handle. Image Credit: Jergens. A handle for operating a latch mechanism. Lever handles may be supplied spring-loaded to ensure return to original position after use. Pull-out Carrying Handle. Image Credit...
    Caulk, Grout, and Joint Compounds - (388 companies)
    Caulk, grout and joint compounds are used to fill joints, level surfaces and seal or repair cracks. Caulk, grout and joint compounds are used to fill joints, level surfaces, and seal or repair cracks. There are two basic types of products: leveling...
    Hand Tools - (1869 companies)
    Hand tools are manually-operated tools that fit in the hand. They are used in many industries and applications to assemble, install, repair and maintain such items as machines, products, structures, components and equipment. Some examples of hand...
    Hydraulic Pumps - (675 companies)
    They are powered by mechanical energy sources which apply force directly to a movable volume of liquid. Hydraulic pumps are simple pumps, but are able to achieve some of the highest pressures among pump types. Hydraulic pumps generally operate...

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