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    Radios - (374 companies)
    Radios are communication systems that send and/or receive electromagnetic waves. Devices such as citizens’ band (CB) radios, walkie-talkies, and handie-talkies are two-way radios that can be used for interpersonal communications. Two-way...
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    Antennas - (1069 companies)
    ...of RF communication, including radio and TV broadcasts, handheld transceivers, cell phones, radar systems, satellite communications, Wi-Fi networks, and remote controls. Radio frequencies transmit audio, video, or data via electromagnetic waves produced...
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    Radio Modems - (163 companies)
    Radio modems are radio frequency transceivers for serial data. They connect to serial ports (RS232, RS422, etc.) and transmit to and receive signals from another matching radio modem. How to Select Radio Modems. Image Credit: RF Industries Inc...
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    Handheld and Portable Computers - (370 companies)
    Handheld computers are portable devices including notebook and subnotebook computers, palmtops, and PDAs. Handheld and portable computers are small, lightweight computers that are designed to be operated while held by hand or from a desk or tabletop...
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    Terrestrial Radio and Satellite Radio Services - (30 companies)
    Terrestrial radio and satellite radio service providers transmit radio programming over satellite, cable networks and over open airwaves. Terrestrial radio and satellite radio service providers transmit radio programming via the open airwaves, cable...
    Radio Receiver ICs - (29 companies)
    Radio receiver ICs support worldwide radio band requirements, including frequency modulation (FM), FM radio data system (RDS), amplitude modulation (AM), long wave (LW), short wave (SW), and weather bands. These integrated circuits (ICs...
    Radio Transmitter ICs - (24 companies)
    Radio transmitter ICs are electronic devices that propagate radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic signals. They are used in high-end remote keyless entry systems, automatic meter reading devices, and building automation and industrial controls. Radio...
    Data Collection Terminals - (116 companies)
    Data collection terminals are portable or handheld devices that are used to input, read, and/or log data. They often have barcode and wireless data transmission capability. Data collection terminals are portable or handheld devices used to input...
    EMI and RFI Testers - (45 companies)
    EMI and RFI testers monitor the presence of unwanted electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation. EMI and RFI testers monitor the presence of unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). EMI and RFI...
    SWR Meters - (10 companies)
    SWR meters are used to measure the standing wave ratio (SWR) in radio equipment. They are sometimes called VSWR meters. SWR meters are used to measure the standing wave ratio (SWR) in radio equipment. They are sometimes called VSWR meters...

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  • States > Texas > State > Forms > Division of Emergency Management > State Emergency Management Plan and Annexes > Annexes > [TX FORM dem] B - Communications
    • ARES operators have repeaters, base, mobile and hand-held radios and other assets that can be deployed into the field on short notice for a wide variety of communication needs. Other Applicable Resources: • High Frequency Single Side Band (HF SSB ) voice and data communications capabilities across … Equipment: • CB Radios • UHF (460 MHz) radio systems • Cellular phones.
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    if you only need a mile or 2 id get a set of 2 watt FM handhelds on a MURS (Multi Use Radio Service) frequency. A CB on 4 watts is -not- going to get 15-20 miles! SSB is allowed 12 watts, so you -might- get a little more range.
  • 1968-1982 Cumulative Index IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics Guide to the Index
    Nyuji, Tomoaki, + , CE-25Aug 79627-635 HF SSB transceiver for amateur radio using frequency synthesizer and microprocessor. Neal, C. Bailey, BTR-19Feb 7342-49 CB radio interference with TV and FM broadcast reception; CB … Penner, Lester, CE-23Aug 77271-274 language translator; handheld device using high-density CMOS read- only memory.
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, August 4, 2010 > [75 FR 47142] Review of Personal Radio Services Rules
    … the following statement: "This transmitter is authorized by rule under the Low Power Radio Service (47 CFR … (iv) GMRS mobile stations (except portable/ handheld units)-50 watts output power; and (d) CB . … exceed the following values under any conditions: AM (A3)-4 watts (carrier power) SSB -12 watts (peak …
  • Radio Monitoring
    … Calibration curve of measuring antenna, 407 Calibration tests, 488–489 Carrying capacity, 8, 321–322, 330, 332 Cartography, 334, 398 CCIR standard, 166, 205 CEE informative components, 476–477, 486 Cellular radio communication system, 249, 328 … … 146, 437 Citizen’s Band ( CB ), 158 Clock-frequency synthesizer … Handheld radio direction finder ARK-RP3, 256–262 ARK-RP4, 262–263 Heterodyne, 26 High-pass filter (HPF), 68 … … frequency registration, 111 Single-channel vs. double-channel processing, 119–121 Single side band ( SSB ), 56, 142–143 Single …
  • CR4 - Thread: RC Receiver Antenna
    In RC applications, the tranmitter is handheld and on the ground, the reciever is airborne on the … OK, here is the straight scoop from a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (General Class): Many modes are available including FM voice, Single Sideband ( SSB ) voice, radioteletype (RTTY), computer-based digital (text … … mw like the FRS walkie-talkies, not 5 Watts (5,000 mw!) like CB radios, not 25 …
  • Communications Receivers: DSP, Software Radios, and Design, Third Edition > Mixers
    … low-frequency rolloff is determined by the 50-pF capacitors used for coupling and CB ac ground. One of the important characterizations of handheld wireless design is the dependency of key parameters on bias … A typical wide-band radio of this type may process a signal bandwidth of 5 to 25 … Because the DSP is programmable, virtually any demodulation scheme can be used (AM, SSB , .