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    Vacuum Bagging and Infusion Equipment - (18 companies)
    Vacuum bagging equipment and vacuum infusion equipment is used during the manufacture of fiberglass and composite parts to remove air voids and better infuse the reinforcing cloth with resin. These types of equipment are commonly used in composite...
  • Closing Machines-Image
    Closing Machines - (103 companies)
    Closing Machines are machines that close packages or containers. Some examples include securing flexible bags by means of a tying wire, narrow metal strap or tape around the neck of the bag; by placing a lid on a can or drum. Closing machines...
  • Packaging Machines-Image
    Packaging Machines - (2321 companies)
    ...batching machinery. bagging machinery. banding machinery or sleeving machinery. box making machinery. bundling machinery. capping machinery. cartoning machinery. closing machinery. Accumulators gather goods or items for processing. Batching machines...
  • Bulk Material Loaders and Unloaders-Image
    Bulk Material Loaders and Unloaders - (354 companies)
    Bulk materials loaders and unloaders are used to fill and remove powders, granular substances and other bulk solids from bags, bins, boxes, carts, drums, hoppers, railcars, trucks, and silos. They often include solids feeders and break down clumps or arches to allow for the more uniform distribution of bulk materials.
  • Form, Fill, and Seal Machines-Image
    Form, Fill, and Seal Machines - (428 companies)
    Form, fill and seal machines are packaging equipment that uses flexible, heat-sealable, plastic film to form packages that can be filled with a product and then sealed, and cut.
    Resuscitators - (7 companies)
    ...treatment. Types. There are four types of resuscitators. Manual resuscitators require an individual to intermittently compress and decompress a handheld bag that is connected to a face mask. Manual resuscitators come in two sizes: adult and pediatric...
    Baghouses and Baghouse Filters - (142 companies)
    ...any dust producing application by varying size and bag types. They are very efficient when properly maintained and are also rugged enough to handle rough applications. However, they typically require a lot of maintenance and a relatively dry...
    Cold Isostatic Pressing Services - (8 companies)
    Cold isostatic pressing services apply extremely high pressures using cold isostatic pressing (CIP) or similar technologies to sterilize products or cold compact powders.
    Air Springs - (55 companies)
    ...outlined in gray. Standards. JASO C613 - Air springs for trucks and buses. NAVISTAR TMS 1070 - Air springs, suspension component. Resources. Enidine - Air Spring Technologies. eHow - How Air Bag Suspensions Work. Image Credits: Firestone Industrial...
    Palletizers and Depalletizers - (338 companies) used widely with foodstuffs, confectionery items, medicines, cosmetics, sundry goods, etc. Can -- Cans are circular, metal storage containers. Bag/Pouch -- Bags and pouches are holding devices made of paper or plastic. Applications. Many palletizing...

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