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  • Structural Health Monitoring with Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors
    Structural Health Monitoring with Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors. By providing background information, theoretical modeling, and experimental examples on the principal technologies involved in SHM, this book shows students, engineers and technical specialists how to apply the knowledge
  • How to Monitor Sensor Health with Instrumentation Amplifiers
    filters out the common mode voltage and delivers the differential voltage. This white paper discusses the basics of a three op amp INA and examines the advantages of zero-drift amplifiers, RFI input filters, monitoring sensor health and programmable gain amplifiers. We also review application examples
  • Bio-patch Solutions For Health And Fitness
    Bio-patch solutions are poised to revolutionize the health and fitness market and create new ways of providing healthcare both in clinical and remote settings. The wearable sensor enables patient safety and comfort in clinical settings and provides for long-term diagnostic monitoring while
  • Sensor Selection for Monitoring Complex Extrusion Gearboxes
    Large extrusion gearboxes represent some of the most complex machines used in industry. They often utilize six (or more) shafts, a dozen gears and twenty or more bearings. In deciding how to monitor the health of these machines, it is useful to begin with the end in mind. What are the failure modes
  • MTC Machine Health Monitoring, Tissue Applications
    , the system automatically shows the break or jam in slow motion. Precisely synchronized upstream pictures of the sheet allow operators to see where the root cause developed. In addition, cameras function as machine vision sensors on the web. These cameras constantly monitor the web for defects
  • Monitoring Bioprocesses
    of an evolving batch at line, broadly involves the following tasks: a) Lack of key measurements Fed batch/batch fermentations pose significant monitoring challenges. Most importantly, sterility or aseptic requirements for the bioreactor and lack of adequate on-line sensors to measure primary process
  • Medical Imaging Monitors Pharmaceutical Process Health
    This quick, one-time registration gives you access to members-only site benefits. By Ken Primrose, Industrial Tomography Systems It s relatively easy to get on-line data from a point source in a process vessel. But the data are of little value unless your liquor is homogeneous, so that the sensor
  • Sensor Fusion Comes of Age
    Over time, sensors have morphed from simple analog and mechanical constructs to chip-based digital devices that connect to a machine to monitor the machine's health as well as environmental conditions. Similarly, sensor fusion -- multiple types of sensors working together to solve a problem -- has
  • The Importance of Humidity Sensors
    used in industries such as HVAC, biomedical, food processing, pharmaceuticals, meteorology, microelectronics, agriculture, and structural health monitoring. Let's quickly look at the development of the modern humidity sensor, paying attention to how and why the instruments are so important
  • Monitoring Reciprocating Gas Compressors with 4-20 mA LPS Vibration Sensors
    Vibration monitoring is well established as a tool for diagnosing the mechanical health of rotating machines. Machinery analysts and technicians have been successfully using vibration monitoring of rotating machinery for many years. Pumps, fans, motors, gearboxes, rotary compressors and many other
  • Zero Power Wireless Sensors (.pdf0
    including factory automation, measurement, and control; control of lighting, heating, and cooling in residential and commercial buildings; structural health monitoring of bridges, commercial buildings, aircraft, and machinery; tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS); tank level monitoring
  • Designing And Evaluating An NFC-enabled Bio-patch For Medical, Health and Fitness Applications
    temperature measurements and galvanic skin response (GSR) monitoring. The bio-patch design consists of a single-chip solution based on the RF430FRL152H NFC sensor transponder from Texas Instruments. The device handles the sensor signal conditioning, processes the sensor data, enables data-logging
  • Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors for Helicopter Damage Tracking
    The knowledge of operational loads on a helicopter rotating components is important for condition based maintenance (CBM) and health usage monitoring systems (HUMS). In the past, the need to deploy slip rings has limited the monitoring of rotating components.
  • Tracking Pitch Link Dynamic Loads with Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors
    Direct load monitoring of helicopter rotating structural components could provide enhanced condition based maintenance and improved flight regime recognition for future health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS). Our objective was to design, develop, bench and flight test a system capable
  • The Importance of Measuring Building Humidity - Application Intelligence
    This three part whitepaper series discusses the importance of measuring building humidity levels as it relates to various real world scenarios, health & safety concerns, cost savings, mold prevention, and industry best practices for proper sensor selection. Part 1 reviews application
  • Synchronized System for Wireless Sensing, RFID, Data Aggregation, & Remote Reporting
    We report on the development and test of an integrated structural health monitoring and reporting (SHMR) system for use on Navy aircraft. Our goal was to develop and test a versatile, fully programmable SHMR system, designed to synchronize and record data from a range of wireless and hard wired