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  • TOOLING: Balancing the Heat Budget In Injection Molds
    into and out of injection molds. This balance of energy flow (the heat budget) is the basis for determining sufficiency of cooling circuits in an existing mold and for designing new tooling. This information can also be used to determine required size and capacity for portable and central coolant
  • Case Study: Sinopec Saves More Than $1 Million in Energy Costs
    Industrial power plants have to maintain a balance between generation demands, operational efficiencies and regulatory constraints. In addition, these plants need a solution that can bring advanced control and optimization to industrial power generators, process steam and heat producers to help
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part II: HVAC, Boilers and Cogeneration
    By Christina Galitsky, Ernst Worrell, Eric Masanet, and Sheng-chieh Chang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Environmental Energy Technologies Division Sizing chillers to better balance chiller load with demand is also an important energy efficiency strategy. At Genentech s facility
  • Measuring the reflective properties of architectural glass using the Agilent Cary 630 FTIR with 10 degree Specular Reflectance Accessory
    Buildings around the world are striving to become greener and more energy. effi cient. While there are many aspects to building construction that enable. 'green' capabilities, one area of consideration is the amount of natural heat. that enters a building from the outside. As external walls
  • Laser Welding Creates Potential for Small Parts Applications
    as the energy source is a process used to achieve a balance between the process of thermal fusion and metallurgical effects. Functionally, the laser generates infrared or visible light (usually with the use of Nd-YAG lasers or frequency-doubled "green" lasers for reflective metals) which
  • Computer Power User Article - Chill Chat
    blows cool air through the fins of the heatsink to dissipate the absorbed heat energy. Obviously, the more air you can move across these fins, the better the heatsink will be at removing heat. Often, a high-speed fan can yield better cooling than the anemic fan supplied by the heatsink maker
  • Why Use Process Simulation?
    balance, product and bottoms dew points and bubble points, and estimate your overhead condenser and column reboiler duties. Wrestle with those tedious hydraulics equations to determine the column diameter. Then dust off the old heat transfer equations and some time later you have your condenser
    1,500-ton machine. The new press also helped the manufacturing cell boost line speeds and shrink cycle times, or TAKT times, by nearly 15%. The Milacron Maxima is said to balance cell or operator time with the 61-sec TAKT time requirements and requires no additional work in process when compared

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