Products/Services for Heat Resistant Glass Test Tubes

    Test Tubes - (112 companies)
    ...are thick-walled and heat and/or chemical resistant. They are sometimes easier to see-through than plastic tubes, but often more expensive. Fused silica is suitable for applications that require good, long-term thermal stability. Borosilicate glass can...
    Glass Materials
    Plastic Materials
  • Heat Exchangers-Image
    Heat Exchangers - (1384 companies) control the temperature of a system or substance. Heat exchangers contain two streams of fluid, one hot and one cold, which are separated by a thermally conductive tube or plate unless the fluids are immiscible. The two streams are directed...
  • Tube Fittings-Image
    Tube Fittings - (1104 companies) prevent gas leakage and must be resistant to chemical corrosion. Other applications such as structural design also incorporate tube fittings. These fittings must have strong physical integrity but typically do not require sealing because they do...
  • Glass Materials-Image
    Glass Materials - (337 companies)
    Borosilicate glass offers superior durability, chemical, and heat resistance, which make it suitable for use in chemical processes, in the pharmaceutical industry, in high-powered lamps, for cookware and other heat-resistant products. Soda lime glass...
  • Glass Fabrication Services-Image
    Glass Fabrication Services - (314 companies)
    Glass fabrication services is the manufacturing of glass parts and assemblies using blowing, casting, extrusion, drawing, pressing, heat shrinking or other fabrication processes. Glass fabrication services are the manufacturing of glass parts...
    Cores and Tubes - (40 companies)
    Cores and tubes are made of paper, plastic or metal and are used for mailing, shipping, material handling, and product display. Cores and tubes are used for mailing, shipping, material handling, and product display. Types. Product types include...
    Glass Fibers and Fiberglass Cloth - (238 companies)
    ...because the thin fibers can easily bend. Fabric made of glass fibers has high tensile strength, dimensional stability, high heat and fire resistance, as well as resistance to many chemical compounds. Fiberglass fabric is also used to dissipate heat...
    Material Testing Services - (872 companies)
    ...or solar simulation testing evaluates a material or chemical product's resistance to UV or simulated sunlight exposure. UV resistant or high weatherability materials will not degrade as fast or at all after extended exposure to sunlight. Umpire...
    Heat Torches - (32 companies)
    ...a heat torch is installed inside a blood analyzer to make real-time film cuvettes, allowing blood to be stored and tested on board the instrument. Heating torches and flame heaters are also used in the creation of jewelry. Generally referred...
    Hose Fittings - (1189 companies)
    ...and must be resistant to chemical corrosion. Types of Fittings. Hose fittings are distinguished based on their connection type and function it performs. Connection. Fittings are attached to tubes via a number of different connection methods, each...

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