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  • Neutron activation analysis of the 1965 taal volcanic ash
    A total of 5 representative ash samples (- 80 mesh), weighing from about 0.4 to 1.75 g were placed in polyethylene capsules and heat sealed . The gamma-ray spectra of the irradiated samples were obtained using a 3" × 3" NaI(TI) detector in conjunction with a 400 channel RIDL analyzer, with an x-y plotter and a paper tape readout.
  • Laser-assisted 3D-LOM systems: analysis and synthesis
    XY— plotter up to 350—400 up to 150—200 Paper and other materials coated with heat seal .
  • listSenseKeys30.dat (
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  • Determination of135 Cs in sodium from an in-pile loop by activation analysis
    … about 4 cm in diameter) was left in the lower cone of the heat exchang- er, protected … … mg) were cut from this sodium residue by means of a scalpel and sealed into quartz ampoules. facilities Activity measurements were carried out on a lithium-drifted germanium detector used in conjuction with a 1024-channel Nuclear Data PuLse-Height Analyzer, Model 2200, data output by Hewlett-Packard plotter , Teletype ASR-33 machine and by Tally paper tape puncher.
  • Effects of inhaled metaproterenol and atropine on the pulmonary mechanics of infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia
    A mask, adapted to the shape of the infant's face, was sealed tightly around the nose and … The mask was connected to the rebreathing bag- heated pneumotacho- graph-shutter assembly. Box pressure and mouth pressure were displayed on an X-Y plotter , and the slope was measured … The flow-pressure curve was traced on graph paper , and Raw between peak pressure points was measured …
  • Low field anomalies in the magnetization behaviour of superconducting Zr-Nb alloys
    … diameter and approximately 4cm long; then they were wrapped in pure Ta foil, sealed in Vycor capsules … After the heat - treatment, the homogeneity was verified by elec- tron microprobe analysis. A ballistic technique described in a previous paper [5] was employed to determine the isothermal magnetization characteristics. … were analysed by the CDC 6400 computer, and the results were plotted directly by a Calcomp plotter .
  • Plastic anisotropy of low-carbon, low-manganese steels containing niobium
    For standard (200) pole figures, the X-ray intensity data were collected automatically on punched paper tape and the pole figures were calculated by computer using a program developed by Chao, 12 and automatically plotted on a Calcomp plotter . … thin foils were obtained from the midthickness position of the hot-rolled or heat -treated sheets (0 … … sheets, at a position transverse to the rolling direction, and were heated in sealed evacuated Vycor capsules …
  • A-level Computing/AQA/Print version/Unit 2 - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    The paper is then put through heated rollers which melts the toner and seals it to the paper , thus finishing the image. Plotter .
  • Hardware Devices: Output devices - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    The paper is then put through heated rollers which melts the toner and seals it to the paper , thus finishing the image. Plotter [edit] .
  • Heat capacity measurements by computer-interfaced DSC
    The information on the paper tape (DSC output) is read by an optical tape reader (HP 2748B) and assimilated into the calculator which then proceeds to determine the heat capacities. … printer (HP 9866A) and plots of the data and output are obtained using a plotter (HP 9862A). Hermetically sealed sample pans were used.